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Public transport, modern cars and even Hiking are not the only way to travel around the French capital. Paris has always welcomed originality, so invites guests to see the city from different angles. And to share the joy of unusual walks, with the beauty of the city, a beautiful stranger, Paris call girls and seductive companion will be an invaluable guide and personal agent on the journey.

After new York city, Las Vegas and Hawaii Paris also opened its branch of air travel by helicopter. The route goes over the château de Versailles and the magnificent gardens of Le nôtre with an hour stop at the airport of Saint-Cyr-ekole and the final landing in the vicinity of the Seine. All panoramic flights are shot in real time, thanks to the system of onboard cameras.

Those who love the sky, but not attracted to the sound of propellers and propeller invites you to climb aboard the biggest balloon in the world. A fascinating journey will take place at an altitude of 150 meters against the backdrop of a clear blue sky, snow-white clouds and an impressive panorama of Paris.

If you don't mind changing your luxury car to the antique Citroen 2CV or the vintage-look Ural RETRO sidecar for a while there is nothing easier than to take a Retro tour or a romantic night cruise to Montmartre accompanied by fun stories and a bottle of champagne.
Do you want to feel like a character of a bygone era of stylish convertibles during prohibition and world war II?

Like a time machine, go back to the world of cabaret and burlesque? Paris offers themed tours on the legendary vintage Citroen Traction-Avant along the routes of the ancient city. Luxurious salon, open top near the beautiful elegant lady Paris girls escort in a journey through the magnificent alleys, magnificent gardens and past the most interesting monuments of the past.

The choice of convenient transport is unlimited. The capital offers electric bikes and vintage trucks, Dutch bikes, segway, yachts and cruise ships, cute city trams and mini trains. All possible types of movement, allowing you to feel the freedom and joy of unusual communication with the beautiful city.

Welcome to Paris, the world of not only art, but also unusual technical innovations.
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Still no one complained that in Paris it was tastelessly fed, because food, like fashion, according to the French, is a way to serve beauty. And, as is known, Parisians have always been its most ardent admirers. So you are unlikely to find in the capital at least one restaurant in which food would not be a true work of art.
Moreover, in Paris they like to combine gastronomy and entertainment. Therefore, if there is a desire, you can go to restaurants where art serves on two fronts, gives flavoring delights and carries away spectacular performances. As a pleasant company, you can use the services of our agency to order elite girls escort. The seductive elegant lady, as an accompanying person, perfectly corresponds to the bohemian essence of the great city, and the best company for a wealthy single man.
If you are fascinated by the magic of circus art, book a table in Le Zèbre de Belleville, Europe's smallest cabaret. The friendly atmosphere of the former cinema is combined with a fair amount of humor. And while you are enjoying traditional French cuisine, you are entertained by rope walkers, acrobats, magically fly cups and dishes, music and funny clown reprises, and after the performance the artists invite guests to dance.
If there is a desire to travel during the Wild West it is worth to visit the Wild West Show, with a traditional cowboy hat on your head, you will have a luxurious dinner accompanied by a spectacular cowboy performance of the times of conquest of the West. The menu features authentic hot chili with red beans, traditional Texas dishes and hot apple treats with vanilla ice cream.
Real magic, interactive magic offers "Double Fond" a small cafe-theater in the heart of Paris. You will have an unusual dinner without cutlery and plates, but with an exquisite 5 and 4 star menu, as well as magical transformations, mysterious stunts that will not be performed on stage, but right before your eyes. And all this against the backdrop of the picturesque, magical interior furnishings of the room.
Paris call girls to engage an excellent lady for dinner and discover the not-so-ordinary Paris restaurants. Just do not forget to do this in advance, so that wonderful companions will take care of the timely armor on the table and help you choose a restaurant and entertainment to taste. Paris has so many temptations that it seems that there is not enough life to try everything.
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It is not necessary to go to museums to admire works of art. Paris itself is a museum in the open air from luxurious gardens, majestic parks, piers to tram stops and even the walls of old, and modern buildings. To enjoy, you just need to open your eyes and choose the most interesting routes for walking.

And not to get lost in the intricacies of the capital streets will help VIP escort ladies in the face of a charming companion of the agency, which during the trip will take on the duties of a personal guide, companion and professional translator.

Naturally, museum gardens are the most privileged place to enjoy works of art in the open air. And you can start with the complex Rodin, where a complex of modern sculptures is located on a three-hectare area covered with plentiful greenery. Among the exhibits are the famous "Penseur" or "la Porte de l'Enfer".

Futuristic sculptural compositions of the Cubists adorn the magnificent garden of the Zadkine Museum, and about twenty works by the famous sculptor Aristide Mayol can be found walking in the heart of Paris, the Tuileries Garden.

To see the unusual Museum of outdoor sculpture is another reason to stroll along the banks of the Seine. At the foot of the "Institut du monde arabe", along the quays, not enclosed by barriers, there are 30 unique sculptural compositions, such great masters as César, Brancusi or Nicholas Schöffer.

And do not forget to visit the Igor Stravinsky fountain, which is easily recognizable by 16 multi-colored sculptures bathed in lively streams of water.

The square on which the fountain is located is protected from the noise of the city motorway and is an area of tranquility and silence, providing an excellent restaurant for those wishing to relax after hiking.

And then, enjoying the rest, you will be glad that you did not forget in advance of Paris call girls and you are accompanied by a charming companion who not only knows the city well, but is also a professional personal assistant.

And also will not miss the most interesting exhibitions, concerts and international events that the French capital is so rich in the spring.

And who is better than a beautiful, intelligent intelligent woman will help to have a good rest, to choose a souvenir or to update the wardrobe, with pleasure to have lunch or dinner in a restaurant or relax in the best nightclubs of the city.
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Admirers of beauty, music and sports will be extremely pleased with even a short visit to the capital in March, as the city tired of the winter literally throws guests invitations to the most interesting and prestigious events.

And in order not to miss the best of everyday business, use the help of the Collectionmodels agency, which will give you not only a wonderful companion as a Paris escort, but will also facilitate the search for worthy entertainments.

March and April in the capital are full of headliners of rock, electronic and classical music. As they say, dreams will come true at all. Harry Stiyl will perform in the arena l'AccorHotels on March 13, and already 14 will be replaced by guests from Los Angeles, the group Thirty Seconds to Mars.

One of the largest concert halls of the capital Zénith on March 15 will provide excellent acoustics to the musical collective from Austria ParovStelar. And fans of Berlioz in L'Opéra Bastille await the two-act opera by Benvenuto Cellini. And these are just some of the many concert programs of March.

Celebrities and the world of sports have not ignored their attention. March 10 amateurs of rugby are waiting for a hot meeting in the Six Nations tournament between the teams of France and England, and it is worth recalling that the winner becomes the champion of Europe.

And on March 24, crazy fans of Bruce Lee are invited to 33 martial arts festival, which will bring together more than 300 experts, great masters and champions of all disciplines from all over the world.

The capital awaits 10,000 spectators who will come to watch the spectacular battles of real aikido masters, traditional karate, sambo and jiu-jitsu, kung-fu dragon fighting dances, hard battles krav mage, and equally interesting performances of representatives of national martial arts of Brazil, Vietnam .

And if the adrenaline rush, even after the speeches, will go off scale, it is worth to relax with the charming model from Paris girls escort in the best restaurants of the capital, in the intimate atmosphere of private VIP cabinets for a leisurely conversation accompanied by light music, prestigious wine and spicy cuisine. Or go on an overnight tour of clubs and bars with live music, which the capital is so famous for.

Accompanied by a personal guide, who is also a charming, well-educated, elegant young woman, even a two-day visit will be a bright, pleasant and memorable adventure.
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If you are interested in a romantic tour, and as a suitable companion you have chosen VIP escort ladies from the agency Collectionmodels, then the rest restaurant should meet the expectations of an unusual and pleasant adventure.

And today, we offer several historically valuable establishments with authentic furnishings and rich cuisine, where the atmosphere creates an ideal backdrop for relaxation.

And we will start with the most romantic restaurant Brasserie Mollard, created in the building, which is the oldest brewery in the capital. You will see a real Paris of 1900 with an abundance of ceramics, mosaics and ceilings in the Art Nouveau style.

The design is considered one of the most beautiful and oldest in the Art Nouveau style, and the chef will offer traditional French cuisine from fresh, high-quality products.

Want to really plunge into luxury, visit the most unusual institution Le Train Bleu, located on the first floor of the Gare de Lyon. The decor strikes with an abundance of gilding and paintings adorning the ceiling and walls.

Among the honored clients are Dali, Coco Chanel, Brigitte Bordeaux and Luc Besson. The bar is still enjoying a deafening success, and the food, as before, is served on silver dishes.

In the heart of the lush garden of the Museum du Branly, above the roof, the restaurant Les Ombres offers a unique panoramic view of Paris, in the shadow of the famous neighbor of the Eiffel Tower, which throughout the day projects its metal lace on the tablecloth, and at night lights the hall.

The fully glazed restaurant is open on the panoramic air terrace and offers a modern interpretation of traditional French cuisine.

Well, if not warming the early spring will cause a desire to warm up by the fireplace, look in El Atelier Maître Albert. Addition of the famous house of Gaius Savoy not only warms the fire from the burning fireplace, but will also enjoy a rich wine list, intimate atmosphere and excellent cuisine.

This is not all the original restaurants of the capital, offering a romantic dinner. Paris call girls, not only to find a charming companion, but also to choose an interesting place to relax, as well as to enlist the support of a personal guide, assistant or translator. With their help, your vacation will not only be carefree, but also fantastically interesting and enjoyable.

And the girls from the agency will help you choose not only the restaurant, but also a nightclub, concert programs, exhibitions or travel to taste.
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As a rule, March rarely pampers with real warmth, but the spring mood of Parisians is conditioned by the end of winter colds and world-class festivals, which are rushed to visit not only residents of the capital, but also guests of the city of the world. In order not to feel like a lonely wanderer among the general fun agency Collectionmodels offers VIP escort, and entertainment program interesting events for people who love, sports, music and beer.

And in the first place is the Martial Arts Festival, which will be held in the capital at the end of March. At this time, the famous Accor Hotels Arena will be turned into a giant tatami, where representatives of aikido, karate, capoeira, judo and other disciplines from all corners of the world come together in impressive fights.

Do not forget to book a ticket in advance or ask your future companions to do it for you. The event promises to be spectacular, demonstrating the battles between the best representatives of various types of martial arts, exciting techniques and new developments.

Music lovers and dance capital invites to the festival Juste Debout, an international event on hip-hop, which will be held in early March at the same Accor Hotels Arena. Only instead of the fighters of the audience will enjoy the incendiary dance of the best representatives of the planet, fighting in the final stage of the international competition. The winners will be the participants, who amazed the jury and the audience with the original style, individuality and excellent musical ear.

Did not pass over the capital and lovers of alcoholic beverages, which invites to the festival "Beer Planet". 90 breweries will represent their unique products at this event, and 500 beers, spectacular tastings, seminars, interesting meetings, as well as new flavoring discoveries and forms of consumption will await the masters and beer fans. In general, it will be interesting, and the degree of fun is an order of magnitude higher than other events.

However, if nothing, from the above, you are not interested, do not worry, the capital is an endless source of entertainment, and the girls accompanying you from paris escort will necessarily choose a program that suits your tastes. It can be both art exhibitions, as well as celebrity concerts of celebrities, romantic walks, the most famous museums or a tasty voyage for the best restaurants in Paris.
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Among the many epithets that, at different times, the French capital was awarded, there is also a city of lights - a real light show with the onset of darkness. As soon as a night comes to the city, its streets become more lively than in the daytime.

Loving couples stroll along to the accompaniment of luxurious illumination around the city, and nightclubs offer a lot of music, cocktails and glamor. Surprises never end and in the most fashionable quarters of night owls expect the most unpredictable entertainment.

Therefore, do not be bored alone - paris call girls, choose the perfect companion and go to conquer the night capital.

If you are very lucky, you can spend an unforgettable night in the most exclusive club of Paris SILENCIO. It is worth reserving a table in advance, because the entertainment program is the most diverse from the performances of famous artists to the tasting of exotic dishes. This is perhaps the only club in the city by the number of world celebrities per square meter.

Do not be upset if you get to the club created by the famous American director David Lynch, you will not succeed. Give preference to the classics and look into the former residence of the composer Georges Bizet, the elected club Carmen.

About the past of the institution, which managed to visit its hotel and brothel for a long time, resembles red velvet, huge mirrors, beds and a large golden cage, and modernity embodies music, magnificent art shows, creative cocktails and 40 varieties of gin.

A very Parisian atmosphere, combined with good music, awaits the midnight guests at Concorde Atlantique - the largest three-story boat parked at the National Assembly and the Orsay Museum. Concord has three levels of Salle Atlantique, Salle du Bas and an impressive terrace overlooking the Tuileries Gardens and the Alexander III Bridge, and offers a bar, cocktail dinner, disco, modern acoustics and 450 square meters of uniquely equipped rooms.

The choice of entertainment is huge, from a disco to electro pop music in an intimate Chacha club, to a concert program in the basement eclectic Chez Moune. And for the walk left the most pleasant impressions, order VIP escort ladies.

Beautiful, intelligent woman, with the appearance of the model and a seductive figure who knows Paris well-is not she the best companion, professional guide and just a pleasant companion for the rest time.
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If Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, then Sena is its most luxurious street, and cruise yachts and boats are the best transport to comfortably travel along the city's main thoroughfare. And do not just travel, but choose a taste of gastronomic tour on the water.
And do not deny yourself the pleasure, even if you do not have anyone to make a company. Want to get a double pleasure - order the paris escort service and together with the beautiful lady, with the figure and face of the model, plunge into the most unforgettable adventure.
The company Yachts de Paris, whose fleet consists of 8 ships, offers elite individual travel. You can even order a cruise dinner for two with champagne and the finest French wine.
Outside - comfort, elegance and charm of the European yacht, inside - an intimate classic atmosphere and restrained music, plus a delightful menu from Guy Krenzer, received the title of the best chef in the category of delicacies. You can order fresh lobster with citrus, culibiac from salmon or Provencal rabbit terrine, as well as the most delicious desserts.
Travel, reminiscent of the adventure, offers the famous promenade ship Capitaine Fracasse. And in addition to a very detailed excursion to the landmark of the capital, you are waited by pleasant surprises, original gifts and a decent menu in which poultry is combined with foie gras from dried fruits, profiteroles with crab are served with vegetables and crispy potatoes, and a mix of three types of fish combined with a fricassee of vegetables and all this for excellent French wine.
Do not be discouraged if the weather hinders a trip on the water or you are rocked even on the deck of river ships, you can still enjoy a luxurious dinner on the Seine. Just instead of the floating transport, choose parked barges, reconstructed for restaurants.
If you are interested in the press and everything connected with it, and also have a desire to talk with masters of advertising and media professionals, go to the pier Issy-les-Moulineaux, where among the lush luxury of nature is Le River Café. Or, to the largest barge in Europe, with an area of ​​up to 600 square meters, where in an idyllic setting and accompanied by paris luxury escort, you can taste only sea food.
To ensure that you do not choose, we are sure that the trip will be pleasant and memorable
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Wine and France are synonyms. Every Frenchman believes that he knows much more about wine than all other mortals, just because he is a resident of this country. What can we say about Parisians, whose city offers visitors a lot of cozy cellars, where along with the world-famous brands of classic wines you can try a delicious bouquet of beverages from private vineyards.
Therefore, if you are going for a walk around Paris, and there is a desire to enjoy an abundance of shades of real French wine, made not for export, but for your own, choose a pleasant companion from VIP escort ladies and any of the addresses listed below.
Charming companion not only will not allow you to get lost in the intricacies of the metropolitan streets, but also as a guide will help to find a common language with others. After all, where wine is poured, new acquaintances and heated debates are required.

Where to drink wine in Paris
Look first at Montparnasse, where on the corner of the Emperarra street is La Cave des Papilles, a cellar offering organic organic wines, as well as beer and cider made with the highest care of the environment.
The owner is known as one of the best connoisseurs of wine, and the young sommelier will offer the most refined beverages at reasonable prices. And do not be embarrassed by bright, full of drawings and colors labels. Here, practically, there are no classical wines, only handmade.
If the bio epithet for wine is not what you like, the personal guide will take you to La Dernière Goutte, where the best collection of private producers' wines is collected. And if you come for a weekend, then you have a chance to get free tastings on Saturdays and Sundays with the participation of famous winemakers.
No matter how beautiful winter Paris is, the cold and dank wind causes a desire to warm up. To overturn a glass of good cognac invites Le verre volé, where besides home wines there is an excellent calvados and whiskey from private collections.
And cold snacks for excellent collection wine, interesting presentations of new products you will find in a well-designed La Cave de Septime.
This, of course, is not all the colorful wine cellars of the capital. And if you are interested in individual walks - Paris call girls. Beautiful women and good wine, essential components of an excellent holiday. And here you will find the most charming companions, elegant, refined and charming. Those that add a note of piquancy to any seemingly trivial journey.
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Tell me, do you like yourself? When was the last time you arranged a holiday for yourself? It does not mean a banquet or a party on the occasion of the signing of another profitable contract, not a birthday, not a game of golf with important people, but time devoted solely to indulging your desires, moods and movements of the soul.
And since you are now in Paris, the city best of all in the world knows the sense of temptation, maybe you should relax a little and arrange a spontaneous holiday for yourself personally. And to make this day into something special, choose the most beautiful girl from Paris elite escort.
If you are ready for adventure, take advantage of routes not often advertised by travel agencies. The capital is an extraordinarily beautiful city, but like all beauty, it can at times be tiring. So if you are tired of the sights, go to the field without leaving the city.
This little secret is called "Champagne of Paris", built in the early 20th century, it consists of 92 pavilions hiding a real French village under the roof and is an ideal place to relax.
Want contrasts and more vivid and rich impressions - get down into the catacombs. Under the ground the French capital is full of holes, caves and quarries, where the last refuge of 6 million Parisians was found. In the long underground gallery, which has become a museum, one can see one of the impressive pages of the city's history of freedom.
To correct a somewhat gloomy impression from the catacombs, look into the Latin Quarter, especially since it's time to have a bite to eat. Here at the luxury store Grande Epicerie du Bon Marché, where food is considered art, you will finally understand the reason for the centuries-old love between the French and the gastronomy. The main thing is that your bank account should withstand the charm of champagne and foie gras flavored with sweets.
And in the end, an impressive excursion program, if you are tired with a girl from VIP escort Paris, go to the mosque. Here, outside the walls of the great Parisian mosque, in a luxurious setting in the Spanish-Moorish style is the hammam.
You are waiting for steam and fruit baths, an infinite number of baths, from cold to hot, massage, body scrubs and fine tea with mint before leaving. This evening is an update of the soul and body.
However, the program may be different, the capital is ready to indulge in any of your whims. The main thing is to make a real holiday, and we will help you find the ideal companion, who shares your interests.
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