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My nexus 5 just got marshmallow! Anyone else?

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Anticrepuscular rays! Looks cooler than it sounds.

Now that trumpy has taken center stage the media doesn't seem so interested in Hillary's emails or Benghazi involvement. Hmmm....

Aaaaahh. After blocking about 40 different people and websites I've gotten rid of all the duplicate tech articles. What's left? Let's see. Hillary is running, Barack is a baaaaaaaaaad man and at the same time the best president ever and the cause of AND the solution to all economic problems. A couple pretty outdoor photos, and a cat meme. Kind of blah.

Does anyone know of a way to filter out certain topics? I'm looking on my own but any help in getting apple watches, galaxy edges, and all the other duplicate tech "journalism" the hell off my feed would be much appreciated. It's honestly to the point where I'd like to uninstall but we can't do that can we GOOGLE!?

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This is a sad day.
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