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Hope you have a great Monday.

Did you know.... Many pets are euthanized, not because they cannot find a home, but because of lack of space.

When a pet becomes lost and taken to the shelter, that pet takes up kennel space. Depending on the city/county ordinance, the pet will be held for three days for the owner to find them.

If your pet has tags or is microchipped and Animal Control contacts you to pick up your pet, please pick up your pet as soon as possible. If you wait a day or two or more, a truly homeless pet may need to be euthanized in order to keep your pet at the shelter.

That is reality. The more time you delay in picking up a pet may cause another pet to be euthanized in order to have space for another incoming pet. There is only so much space available at a shelter and it's not designed to be a boarding facility. So please, pick your pets up promptly and if your pet does not have a tag or microchipped, please have this done.

You can help save another life by just tagging/microchipping your pet and picking them up promptly if they are taken to a shelter.
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