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לכל אדם יש סיבה לחייך! 😎🍓
לכל אדם יש סיבה לחייך! 😎🍓

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Good night world!

Young Man Educates Parents How Easy It Is To Abduct Their Teenage Daughters Using Facebook A MUST SEE!


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r5family I need your help! I'm trying to write a song.
This is so far what I got. Any one can help me with the next 2 lines please?

It would be greatly appreciated! Comment below if u got any ideas

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Happy birthday Ross!! Our first photo of Ross being 19 :)

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The #R5SmileMusicvideo was so cool and awesomeeee!!!

I loved it!!
This was one of my favorite parts:)
There are so many more! 

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Can't wait for #R5smileMusicvideo tomorrw!

This is a great Chanukah gift for me from R5:)

I love this group and I love everyone in the r5family:)

I wish we were all neighbors and went out to hang together. That be awesome!

Btw,who in here celebrates Chanukah too? ;)

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I felt like doing this edit;)

Guys,what would u tell me if I say to you I was a new member of R5? ;)

(I'm not btw I wish lol) im just curious.

And explain your reason too pls:) haha obviously im kidding lol ;P

I'm excited to hear what u all say😎
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