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Indra de Lanerolle
Indra de Lanerolle is a Media and Communications Consultant and Researcher
Indra de Lanerolle is a Media and Communications Consultant and Researcher

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innovation in crises - 'making your own Internet' in Hong Kong
ON sunday more than 100,000 people in Hong Kong  downloaded a free app: firechat which allows mobile phone users to message people nearby without mobile or wifi network connections. If there is no wifi or mobile signal, Firechat uses bluetooth to create a m...

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A parent's guide to social media
What do parents need to know about their children's Internet use? How much should they control or monitor it? And how can they mitigate risks - or help their children to do so? I helped facilitate a discussion amongst fathers of pupils at my daughter's (gir...

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ebooks and deadwood - how comes big publishers are making more money?
The top Amazon executive in charge of kindle content spoke last week at the Frankfurt bookfair - the largest publishers gathering in the world. One of the graphs he showed tells the story of ebooks vs paper very starkly. In the US and the UK, Kindle sales o...

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300 hundred Africans die but don't make my local news station's news bulletin
Question: how comes BBC British domestic radio news and the BBC News website   led  this morning with the story of more than 300 Africans having died off the Italian coast when a ship carrying them sank while the South African radio stations I listened to t...
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