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Swype Beta for Galaxy Nexus (w/ Landscape Support)!

Here I present my latest fix/update to swype for the galaxy nexus. It includes fully working portrait and landscape modes!

Note: You may have to uninstall the old swype first to get this one to install. Also you may need to disable swype as an input and and then enable it and select it.

Downloads (Version 3.2.6 Dragon Dictation, Landscape Support): (320 dpi) <- Download this one if unsure (240/241 dpi)


Download Mirrors:


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Thanks for your work on this. Someday, if you have time, I'd love to learn what you did to fix this.
Working great, but im not able to download any extra language. They got stuck in "Queued for download".. maybe is a server problem..
Yes i can confirm extra languages is a server problem / and or not related to my apk. If you look around the swype forums you will see other people with the official swype apk having trouble getting them.
Wow! Just what the doctor ordered! Many thanks!! :)
Yes, but only for now... You can download any additional language you want from the Swype settings, but their servers are down at the moment.
Oddly this one wont even offer the open to download new languages?
+Mat Bettinson I think if you had the old version you have to uninstall and reinstall this, or the language downloads won't appear. Though their servers are down like i said, so you won't be able to download any languages anyways.
I uninstalled this one, then reinstalled and that's when I didn't have any option at all. The first time I got the stalled downloads due to the servers etc.
Incroyable. It's working great--you just got added to my circles.
When I got my Galaxy Nexus I tried the stock ICS keyboard, SwiftKey X and SlideIT but I can only use Swype. Thanks!
Thanks so much! Next an ICS theme? lol
Where is the donate link?! You have no idea how happy I am to have swype again!
What am I doing wrong? When I click the links above from my GN I get a iLivid exe as the download. I was expecting an APK. What am I missing
thanks for geting us a stop gap solution I was really missing swype :-)
Can't thank you enough Anthony! This is great.
thank you siiiir! was using slide it, but that thing is not as forgiving as swype
This version is 3.26.92D.37556.t0 and the new version 3.26.92D.37604.t0 fix the language download issue... can u make the magic with this new version?
Can't even select a different version with this one to download.
Downloading language with the official apk on an Android Tablet works fine. So the servers are online and working.
+Gabriel Perroni Thanks for the tip. I will mod the new version to work with the nexus later tonight when i get off work. +Marcus Wolschon The problem was both with the Swype servers AND their original apk. Swype has fixed it, so wait for me to mod that version, and all you people who want language packs will get your wish ;)
+Gabriel Perroni I just installed 3.26.92D.37604.t0 (official version, completely unmodified) onto my nexus, and well... it still wont download any language packs. There might be something else wrong with it, maybe related to ICS. It will take me longer to get a working build of it up now, until i track down the root cause.
It's amazing! I missed this so much from my X, thanks so much for the hard work...definitely donating
Thank you for this. Swype for my TouchPad fills all of my Christmas wishes.
I wish to download new language soon, thx for your work
Amazing! Thanks so much, I was so bummed when the Swype Beta installer said my screen size was not supported. Is there any way to dump the Dragon dictation and use the native voice input on ICS?
Anthony - Thanks for my early Christmas Present,appreciate it Mate. Beers sent, enjoy you earned it!
Dragón dictation isnt working now
Anthony - Great work. It looks like it doesn't space between words. Am I doing something wrong?
Opher - There is a setting in Swype to automatically insert a space after a word. It's in Swype settings~preferences~Auto-Spacing make sure it's checked.
Thanks, Chris. I had to power-cycle and then it works. Anyone trying to 'fix' Hulu Plus? ;*/
Hello, I made several Swype themes with full language support. I tried using your ini values in the version I have but landscape throws an error. Would you kindly explain how you fixed it. That's my only issue. Thanks!
+Bryan Owens Changing the .ini file is not enough to get swype working. I had to decompile it to smali and mess around with their code. Everything i did to make it work with the nexus was hard coded for the most part, so this apk will not work on other phones (didn't see a reason why to spend the effort to make it work on other phones that swype already works on). If you want your themes on the nexus you will have to use my whole apk as a base, or at least use the classes.dex from my apk. But just remember that it won't work on other devices properly.
Thank you, I'm doing a special Gnex set of themes so that shouldn't be a problem. I'll try that and see if it works. Thanks for the reply!
I assume that, because dragon and swype are owned by the same company, dragon is here to stay. Which is a shame because the new Google voice to text is probably the best voice to text ever created.
This is awesome. It doesn't seem to work quite right in landscape mode in the Email (Exchange) app. The Swype key doesn't work and it doesn't show the alternate words. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
ok so i think im dumb. when i go to download the file i get iLivid downloads but i just want swype. new technology isnt good for blondes
+Kailyn Brag You possibly clicked on an ad or something. Click the download link again and when the page shows up, click the blue "Direct download" button.
ok so i downloaded it on my phone and installed it but im still not getting sywpe. :( stupid smartphones
Mad props for getting us swype so soon. Do you know how to make the swype mic bring up the new google voice type? It seems to bring up the one that does not enter the words on the fly, you speak then it is 'working' then you have to press it again and talk again. Thanks again!
+Justin Riddle swype will probably never support the much superior google voice to text as swype is now owned by the makers of Dragon a competing software.
blondie you are doing this on ur phone not ur comp right? go into settings- security- then check unknown sources, then try n go back and download it again, member the top one (direct download). should work, should walk you through making it ur default keyboard n wht not. i still dnt like swype, went back to stock keyboard cuz its sooo accurate. +1 to th google voice as well. better than swypes imo
Yes i am on my phone. I downloaded the top one with no problem. But thats all i checked my settings and everything but nothing is letting me use swype.

Settings->Language & input-> Check Swype
Then, click the settings icon next to Swype.
Click Select input method
Choose Swype
Haha i finally got it thank you so much. Now is there anyway to sync your facebook contacts with your phonebook?

I think if they were synced with ur stock keyboards dictionary they sync with this ones too it brought all the words in my dictionary over anyways

I'm totally new to android phones. How would I go about installing this?
Just download the apk file, & transfer it on ur phone. Open it w/ ASTRO or another file manager app. Or easier, simply go to the page on your GNexus' browser and download it directly. When you open it, it will prompt you to install it.

Edit: You have to go to Settings - Security - Unknown Sources and make sure its checked off to allow you to install aps not from the App Market.
I am typing this on Swype it's like an early christmas present! ;-) Thank you for getting this out there. 
Thank you... I had tried a few alternatives, but nothing compares to Swype. Now hopefully they get an official version soon!
Ming Er
+Anthony Casagrande thanks for reuniting us with our loved one.

Now that Swype integrates Dragon Dictate, the ICS native voice recognition button is no longer available. I don't think either is particularly great but I'd rather use ICS VR than DD.

Any ideas on how we can still use the ICS VR instead of DD?
Installs OK (320 dpi version), but then I get the dreaded Force Close.
Any idea what causes that? I tried wiping Swype's data in TB.
Ming Er
The Language button placement is awful. I hope someone at DD is listening.
Thanks for this. It's working great. anyway you can make an apk that works on the nexus s? Will def donate.
Thank you for the new Beta-Build. Download the german language is not possible?
Thanks so much. I was really missing Swype.
Thanks this is awesome!
Thank you so much for this! Been waiting for swype on my Galaxy Nexus. I appreciate this so much.
I just test my voice typing, it actually works fine.
+Malcolm Love I am talking about the google voice typing which enters text as you are speaking it. The one swype uses is called Dragon dictation, and is something different.
Oh ok, I actually completely forgot about that.
I have created a working apk with most languages packaged in (built on a slightly older version of swype):
You rock, dude! Been missing Swype for a week and you fill the lack of support from the developers.
HUGE thanks!!
You sir, are the MAN!
Much thanks bro! Gotta have my swype!
Many thanks for your work on this. I Would love a way for the orange to be replaced with the ICS blue colour is it possible?

EDIT- No worries....I got your new version and it's blue, lovely thanks again!
Where's the one with blue? Gotta link? It's not in this op.
, didn't catch the link a few posts up, lol.

I went back to the orange. The keyboard is nicer. Thanks again!
I just recently got my Galaxy Nexus (switching from iOS) and I was really sad I wouldn't be able to try Swype with all the hoopla surrounding it. I installed your updated version without issue. Works great, thanks a bunch!
Make sure you click "Direct Download"! I also downloaded something other than the apk file and I couldn't get it to work. And yes, I'm blonde :-)
Thank you for this! Btw, anyone know of a way to disable dragon dictation and use the stock one instead? stock seems more accurate than dragon on my nexus, probably because of all my stored recordings from my og droid.
Thanks Santhony-Claus! I've missed Swype so much.... A little donation from me, I hope they're adding up for you :-)
Awesome job on getting this onto the Galaxy Nexus! Thanks so much.
Thanks!!! Good job for making Swype possible on the SGN.

I'm looking forward to a language downloadable version since (unfortunately) Thai is not included in the all lang version.
Thanks for this. +1 to what everyone else says because this is great! You rock!
This is so sweet...Thanks Anthony
Is there a way to remove the language button and/or Swype setting button on the keyboard to open up more space for the space bar
thank you for your time making this. Swype is the best. maybe you should sell this fix to swype considering they cant even seem to figure it out.
Thank you so very very much for your work. Me and one of my friends were going crazy without Swype.
Thank you. My first time using swype but I heard so many good things about it I didnt want to wait. Appreciate the work.
Thanks Anthony, it works fine on my GN. However, the App has used about 80MB background data in the past two days. Do you know what is it?
Anthony, When I download and install the program on my GN I cant enable swype. there are no options to use swype instead of the OG text input. How do I go about enabling SWYPE? Thank you for your help.

UPDATE I figured it out. Thank you, it works perfectly.
Thank you, Anthony! I'm just going to assume that you aren't collecting all of the data that we're swyping into our phones. By your Demetri Martin-esque cartoon photo, you seem like a pretty trustworthy guy.
Is there any way that you could change the orange back to the blue from the older versions of Swype? I hate the new orange look and blue would go so much better with the new 4.0 layout. I know it's not a very technical request and it's not usually the kind of thing that bothers me, but the orange just kinda annoys the living hell out of me.
Thanks! Works great and just pulled everything together nicely for me. Much appreciated.
Thanks, works like a charm, except there's no Dutch (known issue that you cannot download languages). Other than that: can't wait for the "real" version. BTW: Google Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0.2, I installed the 320dpi version.
Thanks, so much better than SlideIt even though Swype could take a few tips from them in some areas.
Anthony - thanks so much brother! I just never got used to going back to a standard keyboard after swype! Your efforts are much appreciated.
Thanks for this, works great. However swype is using a lot of data... 30mn already in the last 3 days,and last month it used 80mb. Do you know why? I haven't used dragon dictation or anything.
+Alexandre Isurugi Did you try and download a language? It may be constantly attempting to download and failing. Mine has used only a few kb in a month.
Thanks! I just got my Galaxy Nexus and was thinking about taking it back just because there was no Swype!
It has romanian language?
I find romanian language but don't want to download the language pack what i must do?
Nobody can't help me?
Been using this a while now and it works well. What concerns me is the amount of background data it's using, 278MB in my case. What is happening here?
boo Jay
I've been using Swype since it first came out and I have to say, it's gotten worse and worse every time I've updated it. The first version was amazing, I was shocked how accurate it was. With the latest version, I'm considering going back to the stock keyboard due to how many corrections I'm constantly making. I cannot express my disappointment....

The only thing worse than Swype right now is Dragon Dictation. Google Voice is accurate 99.9% of the time and puts Siri to shame, I have yet to have Dragon Dictation work once.
Thank you so much for making this!
This version has begun behaving very squirrely on my phone. Sometimes it autofills incorrectly, sometimes the word suggestion box doesn't show up. Anyone else having this issue?
Thank you for this!! So nice to finally have Swype again.
You are amazing. Thank you for your hard work on this.
You have my thanks and a donation :) You Rock!
Friggin balls!!! This awesome...just what the doctor ordered. Thanks a million!!!
Thank you so much. This has renewed my joy of having this phone again!
Works great except for.... Any time i need to search gmail i have to switch to the native keyboard for the keyboard search (GO) button. Anyone have a solution or am I the only one?

For clarity... The default ICS keyboard has a search button built in. Gmail app also has a search selection that brings up a dialog box to fill in your search term but with swype that's as far as I get. I have to switch to the native keyboard, go back into gmail and hit the keyboard's search button to actually make the app search.

Very nice, thanks for keeping this alive, great work. Submit your resume to Swype now!
Do you know how to get another language? i want the portuguese(BR) thanks
After blowing $750 for the phone in HKG, I was floored not to find Swype preinstalled, and shocked when the Swype beta failed to install. I simply can't live without Swype on my phone. But after reading this thread, I was able to install, and now my phone is perfect. Donation made!!
Thank you! I'm so happy to have Swype back!
Oh im so confused!!! I dont know how to download it. Ive tried twice and in the bar uotop it says it downloaded but i cant get swype working...???
Youre amazing!!!! THANKYOU!!
Great job Anthony...people are raving about it...thank if only I could find a working download link?????
AHHHH broken link I really want swype. Can some one fix this?
I am amazed you ask for donations for something that isn't yours...
google swype-3.2.6-gn-land-320.apk I found a few links there
All links are broken. Someone knows another one operaive?
What happened to this download? I just wiped my phone, so I need to reinstall, but all the links are dead. Will they be brought back up?
Thanks, can i check if you can include Chinese Mandarin (simplified)? That would be the best for me.
Ryan D.
It's working awesome with the VZ Galaxy Nexus. I haven't used it since last year when I had a Droid X and all the changes are great!
+Thomas Mack he made it available to people nearly two solid months before it was publicly available from swype. that's worth major donations...

also, Anthony -- any chance of a method to have the voice dictation icon redirect to google voice typing instead of the sub-par dragon dictation? (I love the dictate while you talk feature)
No problem, glad I could help
I cannot get this link to work. It says it wont load or the website may be down...?
Hey man great work, I've been waiting on swype for a while!

A couple years ago I was using swype on windows mobile, and had skinned it (See: I've never worked with .apk's but,

I was wondering if you had any advice for skinning this keyboard? I'm not even sure what program you would use to edit an .apk, but I'd love to add to your work.

Any feedback would be appreciated,
Gotta say, you rock :) Just got the Nexus on Sprint and it works perfectly...thank you!
Big thanks, I couldn't find any keyboard I liked using as much as swype and it was driving me nuts not having it. My new phone felt crippled compared to my previous one. You saved the day. 
There's a new version around. Necessary for GNEX modification?
Yeah but some people have issues getting it from the site...thought I should share..:-)
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