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Today we're rolling out v3.1 of the Google+ app for both Android and iOS. It's mostly performance improvements (with a couple of bug fixes), but there is one feature I wanted to mention.

Starting today (on Android, coming soon to iOS) you can join Hangouts On Air from your phone, and participate in someone's broadcast! The community's already using hangouts to share the news as it happens (, so I'm really excited to make this feature available.

Check out the release notes on Google Play ( and the App Store ( to see what else is new. 

And as always, let us know what you think! 

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This is excellent news for obvious reasons! Tnx for sharing it.
Adding Hangout's Air functionality is fab. I look forward to checking it out.
Outstanding!  Updating now.  Thanks for the info.
Hoping images load faster with this update.  Blank profile pics are pretty annoying...
This will definitely expand the capabilities of HOA reporting!
Thanks for the feedback.  

+Matt Jones Looking forward to hearing how you feel about it after a few days of use.
The only feature I really need to see with the Google+ mobile app is less clicks to get places and do things. It takes three clicks from the stream to see a picture unobscured, and it takes a click then then an upward swipe (which is awkward) to read text.
Thanks for the update. Someday I would like to see an 'Add Link' option added when creating new post on Android.  Still, has come a long way.  Thanks again.
+Jake Weisz Totally hear you on this one, we are working on improving this now.

+Richard Creamer Thanks for the feedback.  Today, if you share a post via the share intent you do get a better URL treatment then you do in the app itself.  We're working on reconciling these experiences to make link posting better.
+Anish Acharya Nice update...  Seems like images are definitely loading faster.  Also it's good to see that when you launch with the "messenger" icon, it actually opens directly to the messenger.  That had been broken in the last update.

One thing I'd love to see is to be able to "share to messenger".  Right now if I want to share a URL or tweet or something, G+ is listed as one of the options but "messenger" is not.
Definitely loads better on my nexus 7 tablet. Good job.
Been waiting a while for this feature! It was the only thing left on my review on Google Play. Thanks!
+Anish Acharya hi there, well done on all the G+ improvements since the beginning. One thing I'd like to see is the ability to respond in post with a picture. I have hundreds of pictures which would make great responses to posts but no way to use them.
+Anish Acharya I wish the shortcuts were only available at the top of my stream. They show up if I start to scroll up...kind of annoying. Not a deal breaker though. ;) Thanks for the update!
I wouldn't mind the ability to mute a post from mobile
Love it love it love it! Alright Google!
The iPad app needs to manage circles better. I can't find the option under the menu/navigation. Am I missing anything... If anyone can point me to it, it will be much appreciated.

Also the iPad/iOS app needs to have messenger. I don't understand why this is left out.

Also the Android app, the photo section action bar is still using the old version 2 style (when you click on photo to go full screen). That needs to be fixed. just change the android:actionBarStyle property for the background ;)

Edit: Apart from that, the iPad app seems the same... Don't notice anything new, the Android app is a lot faster. I like ;)
Great update. Is there any chance we ever get to make custom check in namesn through the app?
This is a gamechanger for on scene reporting!!

Thanks for your awesome work!!

in a future version of the iOS app i'd like to see autocomplete for the search. and maybe even the saved searches from the desktop.
Updated and looking good. Haven't been able to try the hangout yet.
How about Party Mode for iOS, where's that update?
That 'short cuts' bar is too big I feel, it should be made smaller.
+Anish Acharya  Are you aware of this behavior: when you open a post directly from the widget and the G+ app isn't already in the background, the up button doesn't open the drawer but just flings you back to the homescreen.
I love that the white space has been removed from posts with no pictures.
...but no animated GIF support yet? I hear of a lot of people wanting this!
It it just me or is there no search posts feature on the iPad. On the iPhone you can go to Search which has both People and Posts but maybe I'm just not seeing it on the iPad.
When can I get a version of the app that will actually move to the SD card and not pretend it moved to the SD card?
Well.... these share buttons are a nightmare. They take way too much space when they are visible (what was wrong with the previous layout  ?) and when you start sliding through your stream they keep popping in and out depending on the direction of the scroll.

Moreover, if you slide down and finally decide to post something... the buttons are not here until you slide up again...

This is really annoying. :-(

The overall app is awesome though. I'm just sad with these buttons.
After updating the huge bar on top is ugly! And nothing is changed for hangout layout i can only invite friends to my hangouts
I saw this and immediately check my apps for an update - I think I may need a break from Google

However, it is different!

Big chunky buttons for sharing a comment, pictures or location.
When I thought I was commenting on someones post I was actually resharing it - This may have been like this the whole time but I get up for work at 3am man...gimme a break!

Sorry I seem a bit lost what will this now allow me to do that I couldeeen't do before.
I thought you were already able to do this?
+Ryan O'Leary On my droid (Samsung SPH-M580 Gingerbread FA19) it leaves a lot of crap on the phone memory, and I don't have a lot to begin with.

I have issues like this with a lot of apps, which make me very picky about what I put on my phone.  When phone memory drops below 15Meg I stop receiving Gmail and texts.
I just got the update and now an really confused. My adopted brother says it don't take much to confuse me.
G+ app is amazing.. Fb app really suck! I simply stop using Fb app and just checking via chrome mobile.. Thanks a lot Google for always pushing forward!
Hay Google do us all a favour change the app so that the latest post on something that has been shared is not always at the bottom it should be the first post.
Bug: My Photos - Photos of you - (No photos found)
I'd like to see the pull menu accessible like it is in the you tube app. I find it annoying having to move my hand right up to the top to access the menu. YouTube has this access much more refined imo. Searching for people or companies to follow is also a mundane task at times.

Finally my single biggest pet hate is that links posted via the app still do not give the same preview and format as it's desktop counterpart.
I liked the ability to swipe sideways to change categories, I think that should be brought back, and the shortcuts could move up to the main bar ala the current categories, eliminating that bar all together...
Wait, so could this be used like Facetime on the IPad?
Google+ works as a Social Network should's so Nice all the efforts u are putting in it to make it always better..Well done!
I have tested the new update a little and so far I do like it. Thank you :-)
Looks really good on my nexus 7. Well done again Google.
cool!  thank for the update on +Google+
Still waiting to be able to update my #Googleplus business page from the iPhone app... Is this coming soon??
I really want google groups to be added to google plus. 
There is another great new feature in the iOS update worth mentioning imo +Anish Acharya. The option to open links in Chrome now (i.e. if you have Chrome installed on your iPhone off course)
I went back to google+ on the Chrome browser when you dropped single column top down scrolling. 
this could revolutionize live, mobile reporting into a group conversation. Live Tweeting < Live Hanging .  We tried this in our newscast hangout today. 
I wish you would fix the width of the caption on tablets. Every time I try to read what a story is about, I accidentally end up in the "photos from post" section. Its extremely annoying.
And a nice one it is +Anish Acharya!

Now we only need integration of Google Voice in Google+ and make it available outside the US :)
Bug: Music pauses if you open up G+ while playing music. I'm using iOS 5. 
g+ is still a little clunky and needs to be streamlined -- it is going to be the continued challenge with the open system...
Very nice update. Facebook eat your heart out. One thing I'd like to see is the amount of comments increased. I hate finding something I'd like to comment on only to realize it has reached the 500 comments limit.
G+ needs to roll out an option to block unnecessary public posts from your main feed.
+Anish Acharya The new post shortcuts bar is really annoying and distracting from the stream. I really think it was unnecessary to do this. Please, please bring back the pen icon on the top and get rid of this annoying grey bar. Seriously guys, what's with Google and ugly bars?
+Anish Acharya I really didn't like the new "Add Post Bar", it affects the user experience while browsing posts. If I want to scroll back just a little to see a picture or read something, the bar comes in wasting too much screen state on the phone. It's really annoying.

Why not have a single "Add Post" icon in the main Action Bar, since the 3 actions are almost redundant? Also in landscape mode there is no reason for a left bar since in the main top Action Bar there is plenty of free space.
Before you go into much high funda stuff, can you fix the basics first?
I have not given permission to Google+ to use my personal info. IT still does. IF this doesn't stop, I might have to sue. If it is a software glitch then please fix it.
+Alan Bowker Are you referring to these "what's hot" posts showing up in your feed?  Hit the "explore" button on the left side of the website, and you'll see that slider at the top.  Slide it all the way to the left, and they won't show up anymore in your feed.

You can do the same thing with any circle.  If you want to see less of a certain circle, just slide the slider to the left when viewing the circle.
+Anish Acharya you should bring back the "Add post icon" in the form of a pen, and if they don't want to use text, when clicked it can pop out to show this new "Add Post Bar". As it is now it just comes out when scrolling even when it is not needed. Also the comments icon should pop out like the +1 icon so that we can comment right from the stream rather than have to click on the post to go to another step to comment on a post. the same should be for multiple photos in a post, like in the IOS iphone G+ app.
Just a little UI bug: If you're at the top of a feed and scroll down reallllyyyyyy slowly, the new action bar will spazz.
The mobile app could sorely use a theme chooser, like a default light theme and an alternate dark/inverted theme. I used to theme this app but can no longer find the time to keep up with the updates
I don't see any change on the IPad app. Still cannot open up a person who added me from the notification to see if I want to add them back. Still cumbersome to make comments.
I agree with all the people saying that the new bar is useless, the single button was good enough.

Many essential features are still missing: I can't believe that I still am not able to create new albums, add new photos in existing ones, reshare an album and most of all I'm not able to see all my albums because the list is limited to a specified number of entries.
Also the sharing of an event is still missing.
+Alan Bowker , I blocked Britney Spears and Paris Hilton so their crap wouldn't show up on "What's Hot".
+Anish Acharya very cool!!

When will we be able to share a link like the website and not just show the URL?

How about being able to edit comments and posts?

Save copy/save text and images?

Keep up the great work!!
Ok, maybe y'all can help me with this. I get on a PC, my profile says I'm female, which is correct. But on mobile, it continues to say I'm male. When I went to change it, it directed me to change it online via a PC. Wall. Am I the only one with this problem, or is it an app bug that needs fixing, or is it just because I'm new to Google+?
Big no for the new top bar :-(
+deus exMachina Haha! People in my area, want to chat, and ask the same thing. Picture of a woman, but profile says male. That's why it bugs me. Even though, so far, It's been an ice breaker.
+Anish Acharya nice update. I still find the top left navigation to be the hardest to reach for a right hander. Since you don't use right to left swiping for changing circle streams, how about using it to go back a la flipboard. My least favorite thing to do in g+ is hit the g+ top left menu.
For those who are doing issues with their uploaded photos, they can delete it by deleting that images from their picasa web album. It's so easy.
vu la
Her nose
Hang out is not working on Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3! Please fix!
Nice little additions to the app. But I do miss the red notification light on my Galaxy Nexus whenever I get a notification from Google+ with this update.
Hangouts are still crashing on my Samsung Galaxy S3. When joining existing hangout locks up, video not visible. Audio works. Need to reboot to get phone back to normal state. I have sent error reports from the crashed application.
+Anish Acharya 
New quick controls are bad decision. First they are against Android guidelines, quick actions should be at bottom. Second its nasty big, again against the icon size in guidelines. Third, harder to reach on big screen size.
But Google is Google, No two departments works in sync.

+Matias Duarte How do you convince your own friends to not go against the guidelines? LOLZ
+Jeff Leger , I'm referring to the mobile app which doesn't have an option to turn off the public feed under All Circles. I've got 2 or 3 public feeds by default. I don't need another one. I want to see what friends and I have actually posted without having to flip through 300 tabs cuz Google decided the old way wasn't good enough and I "...give a fuck..." about random feeds from random people.
+Alan Bowker I'm not sure what you mean by "public feed". I'm guessing it's these What's Hot posts that show up in your "all circles" feed. If you slide that slider to the left on the full website, they'll stop showing up on the mobile app too. The only time you would see them is if you actually chose to view the What's Hot circle.

Also you could put your friends in the same circle and just view that one circle, so you only see posts from them and nobody else.
+Jeff Leger , I shouldn't have to find a computer (which isn't hard by the way), log in to G+ on said computer, and edit nonsense that Google added to my mobile app (which is actually the only way I access G+ in the first place). There should be an option to turn it off via the mobile app. Its new. Its annoying. It needs to go.

Public Feed: A feed that is publicly posted that annoyingly now shows up in my All Circles Feed. The public is NOT in my circle. That's why Google invented the actual Public Feeds "What's Hot" and "Nearby".
+Alan Bowker I see what you're saying. Well the simple solution is to just view the circle that your friends are in, instead of viewing "all circles". You can even put yourself in that circle so you can see your own posts in that feed too. Or just go to the website one time and turn the slider down and never have to think about it again. There are plenty of mobile apps that require you to visit the full website to do certain things. This is just another example of that.

Also this isn't new. The "what's hot" posts have been mixed into the all circles feed ever since what's hot has been around, and you've been able to turn down that slider for a while too. Probably about 8 months or so.
+Jeff Leger , I don't use the "apps" because I only visit using mobile. As a matter of fact, all of my responses have been via mobile. The problem with viewing specific circles is that it removes my posts from the equation. I still end up pulling up the "All Circles" tab, rooting through new extra filth (how do you think I ended up here complaining?), just to locate a previous post. And again, I shouldn't have to go get a computer to fix something on a mobile device that was never a problem before.
+Alan Bowker I don't think you're even reading my responses.  I just addressed every one of these concerns in my last post.

Put yourself in that circle that your friends are also in.  Then your posts will be there with theirs.  This "extra filth" is helping you fix your issue by having you log on to a computer and change one setting that takes 30 seconds to do.  It's really not that difficult.  I was saying that there are many mobile apps (whether they are Google apps or not) that don't have access to the full settings that are found on their respective websites.

Plus, these posts have always been in your feed.  This isn't something new.
This is excellent news for obvious reasons! Tnx for sharing it
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