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Hot on the heels of our epic build we’re excited to announce the latest version of Google+ in the iOS app store (v. You can grab it here, but please keep in mind that it may take time to roll out everywhere:

For anyone who missed the big announcement on Tuesday, there are plenty of goodies in this release, including:

Join Hangouts from the mobile app (look for them in your Stream)
Set profile photo
Huddle is now called Messenger, and you can now send photos in Messenger
+1 on comments
Granular push notification settings
Improved +mention support
Share a post with individuals
Improved public search for people
Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Let us know what you think by clicking ‘Send Feedback’ in the app. We know there’s still more features on your wish list, and we’re already looking forward to the next version!

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Hey, Anish! Nice work man. Is there any plan to have video chatting/hangouts w/ video available in Messenger - for Android?? That would be super rad.
+Anish Acharya I'm excited to update my iOS mobile app. Sounds like it's going to bring the G+ experience to my devices as I've been waiting for.
Thanks Sean! You can currently join a hangout from the Android app in the same way that you can from the iOS app.
YEAY!!!! Thank you +Anish Acharya!!! I apologize once again for complaining about the mobile App the other day. It was just my G+ addiction acting up really bad. I am sure you guys are working really hard on everything, especially now that the "Plusgate" has been opened! Thank you once again! (cc: +Punit Soni) - PS: iPad version in the works??
Thank you for your hard work! BTW, Korean and Japanese typing do not work properly... :(
Thanks. Appreciate all the work.
Next an iPad app please. The same UI and functionality would also be good enough, just need one that utilizes the entire screen real estate and looks good.
Great. Hope you guys can get something out quickly. Hopefully before a Facebook iPad app ;). Good luck.
Really looking forward to a native ipad version. With landscape support. 
+Anish Acharya No, still iOS4, waiting for official iOS5 to come out on the next month. Regarding for Japanese typing, I just heard from some that the problem can be solved by deleting and reinstalling the app. It didn't work for me, though... For Korean, some who are using iOS5 told me the same condition (the problem wasn't solved by re-installing). P.S. It turned out later that the problem just seemed to be solved 'by reverting to the old version.' It also turned out English auto-correction does not work in the app (I don't know whether the function was removed deliberately).
Nooo.. not in the Canada AppStore quite yet.. sad face
I like the new features a lot.

And everything works flawlessly for me, until now.

Thank you !
Great update. Is it normal to have to re-enter name/password after every update?
+Michael Casey I think the update is important enough to make this feel like a new app for iOS and cause a new authorization process to occur.

Or maybe the update process as defined by the Google engineers wipes the "cookies"?
+patrick lambert, had no issues. received the update in canadian app store.
It's great to see these new features, but as has been noted on other threads about this update, the standard iOS keyboard functionality seems to have been broken by this update. Autocorrect no longer works, the standard functionality of switching back to the QWERTY keyboard after using a symbol or number and pressing "space" no longer works, and the standard functionality of pressing the spacebar twice to get a period and a space to appear no longer works either.

I'm glad this app is getting regular updates, but I'm surprised that these kinds of major flaws made it through testing. It renders the app almost unusable for posting new content, and it kinda makes Google look amateur when compared with other, similar apps and services which never introduced this kind of obvious and preventable flaw in their apps.

I'm a big fan of Google and of Google+ and it's discouraging to see these errors, especially when I'm trying to convince friends and family to join the service.
Just did the update for iOS and the ability to +1 comments is so welcome. Search and iPad support next please?
Thanks +Anish Acharya and the G+ team.

There were a few bugs in the new mobile G+ App for iPhone4:

1. Auto-Spellcheck (Eng-US) for messages no longer working.

2. Current State in G+ not being maintained even though it worked before.
Thanks for giving some Google love for iOS. Best update so far.
The feature to share posts with individual people was something I'd been waiting since the first version.

BTW, joining hangouts crashes the app if you have a phone call in the background (not a very typical situation :) Using wifi for data, GSM for call, iPhone 4, latest iOS4.
+Anish Acharya Great update, but there's one annoying bug left over from the previous version: the notification badge is always off by 1, and I think I've traced this to a chat session (huddle) that I once opened, but since hidden. Basically, every time I get notifications, the count will be one more than the actual number in the notification screen (and if the badge is "1", there will NOT be any notifications). I've submitted feedback through the app already.

By the way, the in-app feedback page asks a bunch of questions. Do we have to fill them out every time, or can we just use the bottom text field (I assume not)? There should be a comment-only way of submitting feedback.

Oh, and typing became really hard in this update: auto-(correction/capitalization) are disabled in text fields!
Wonderful work guys ! +Anish Acharya was wondering if it would be possible to integrate messenger with google chat ! It could be great because some people don't have the app but they use google chat on the computer ! Only an idea !
Translate the application into other languages
I'm all for integrating Huddle/Messenger with Google Talk.
So far I haven't found any secure way to use Google Talk with iOS. Yes, there are loads of IM apps that support Gtalk, but you have to give them your Google password. I won't trust any solution that doesn't directly authenticate with Google.
For ipad support, see my google's biggest mistake post. 
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