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New in the mobile app: support for Google+ pages

Today we're rolling out v3.2 of the Google+ app to Android and iOS; both versions include one of our most highly-requested features: support for Google+ pages. This gives page owners the ability to post, comment, and interact with their followers directly from their mobile device.

- The Android version includes an updated widget, and a new 'Find People' experience.
- The iOS version adds iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support, and the ability to edit your posts.

The new app is available now from Google Play ( and the App Store (, so give it a spin and let us know what you think!

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I don't distribute the software. {: The Play Store says its not updated, but a friend just messaged me saying they got a notification that there was a software update for it.
Sal Yanez
i feel dumb, how do i switch to my Pages? Ive updated to 3.2
It will take some time to roll out to all users, usually about 60 mins for both iOS & Android.
+Anish Acharya Nice! How does the "access photos from posts using one-click" work? I still need to tap the post like 3 times. Also, you still didn't get rid of that ugly "new post" gray bar? I think is useless.
+Anish Acharya  Does the mobile web app support pages with this update, or will that come in a later update?
Now to support Translate directly in your G+ stream ...
+Randy Kelly  exactly , there are way too many messaging options and they do not work well together the google+ messgenger in mobile doesn't work with the desktop client , same with hangout ..and then there is google voice sitting by itself. 
Ian H
New G+ widget seems... not so great. : \

Having to press a virtual button to go through one post at a time seems like a sizable step back.

The find people stuff is great, though, and mobile access to pages seems like a great thing for people who run those.
Loving it. At first I didn't have a clue how to login to my pages.. but now I found out and loving the update. Finally I can post from my pages without the need to use the web-version or to use the desktop..
Good job +Google+ team.
Alan Peto
+Anish Acharya for the iOS version, after the initial 'splash' screen where you choose your main G+ profile or a page...there is NO WAY to get back to that to select a G+ page.  Bug or is there something super secret?  I spend the last 10 minutes trying to figure it way.  Even checked in settings.  
nice update... now just waiting for a speed boost.... and the ability to edit and delete comments in ios. The webapp can do it, why not the native app?
When will us Windows phone users get a G+ app? the mobile web version is slow and you cant upload photos
Ray Wells
Epic Fail! Can't manage pages under your own Google account? Need to sign out and then sign back in again as the page? Very, very inconvenient to say the least. 
Nothing so far for me
Im looking for the update that allow us to send email to ppl when posting from the android app. An option we only have when using the desktop
That's a good update considering that now I can post to pages.  But do I need to sign-out and sign-in everytime I need to swap between pages and personal accounts.  That is just ridiculous.
Why can't we get things a little simpler from Google?  Why we have to  always figure it out, +Anish Acharya 
But hey, I am happy that at least we got this feature.
I can't believe we're expected to accept this as a reasonable solution to the most requested feature. Log out, then log back in? Not feasible. At least HootSuite gives us usable option for pages.
I really hope the log-out/log-in solution is only temporary.
What are pages? I never use that.
+Alan Peto you have to sign out of the app and sign back in to switch between your personal profile and your page.
My favorite improvement is that when I tap a post in my stream, the picture, profile pic of the author, and first part of the text load immediately. Before it was just the pic and you had to wait for all the comments to load before the post would actually show. This is much faster. 
God dammit! The new widget is awful. The old scrolling widget was infinitely better. Change it back!
Now pages need a way to share galleries... it's silly that the only way G+ pages can have galleries is by manually uploading pictures. There needs to be a bit of Picasa friendliness, or the ability for a manager to "repost" a gallery to a page or something going on ;)
None Not
How can I do that - -
Ok it's updated but how the hell do you switch to the page? It gave me the option the first time I open the app after the update but now I can't find how to switch back from personal to page..
Ohh that's crap, you have to sign out and sign back in to switch. What a waste of an update.
Got it.... kinda sucks that you can't scroll down pages from the widget, rather you have to click on a button which takes quite some tolime to load the next post... 
Wait, you guys launched this with no fast-switching UI in-app? you have to log out? :(
Like others said please combine messenger and gtalk, and Google voice if possible. Also can I get the link to a post in the mobile app too please. 
Animated GIF work on ios but not on android.

Would like the ability to swap between profile and pages without having to log out and back in.

On ipad would like access to messenger

Nice touch on Animated GIF on ios and Events.

So far everything is working as expected, including locations on ios (broken on ios6)

Why did "Circles" get removed on Android Galaxy Nexus 4.1.1? But nice touch to add in sync for notifications as push was iffy

+Anish Acharya
Doesn't works with 2 step verification enabled. After sign out, signing in, keep returns "Couldn't connect to the server". Now I couldn't login to g+ app
Another bug found on ios using ipad is the inability to view or provide a +1 when it is a picture. If it is just text it works fine to view or provide a +1

On iphone it works fine. You can +1 a comment or view them.

+Anish Acharya
Come on Google, you can do much better. Sign out and in to switch between profile and page? I'd expect an update of the update within next days...
+Aryell Caesar I have the exact same problem, updated the app signed out but now can't log in :( Not cool.
As noted in a few reviews on Google Play, the updated app doesn't work on the Nexus 7.
+Anish Acharya  Just upgraded G+ app for android. Used for a little bit. Now getting "Can't load data. Check your connection." with "HttpTransaction: Apiary error reason: dailyLimitExceeded" in logcat. I'm able to connect to Play Store fine. Rebooted. Still getting it.
Seems really bothersome to have to sign completely out of the app to switch to managing my pages and back again. 
No worky on my GN running cm10... :-( Where's the -1 button!
Can't log in at all on my mobile devices now. Posting from desktop.
I guess mobile servers crashed...
+Anish Acharya there's a rather large gaping hole in how the Post Detail view from G+ has been integrated into the photo view in the Messenger app.

I tap a photo shared in Messenger, I see a comment text field at the bottom of the screen that I can't input text into, and a +1 button that does nothing either.
nice update but you took away my favorite feature of the widget which was to be able to scroll through posts. 
Can not log in from my mobile since the update. Whats wrong??
Great work thanks for the Google Plus experience been with Google since the beginning I have a feeling eventually google Plus will be bigger than Facebook and Twitter combined
Can access it from the mobile browser, just not the app. No issues with the iPad tho...
+Anish Acharya I think something is terribly broken on JB and ICS devices. A few users are reporting they can't connect to the servers. I get this on both my TF300T tablet and my SGS2 running JB.

Is it just an issue of server load?
Have same problem with Motorola razor max...
Please create a Windows Phone app
There is a growing market share of Windows Phone users that would love to use this, the superior social network! 
google+ has crashed cant connect to servers after update :-(
It appears to be login on the app for mobile devices

Sounds like the backend servers for the new version are broken right now... ?
+Anish Acharya Can you guys implement an easier way to switch pages please? I have 2 step verification turned on and it is a disaster to keep typing the codes to switch pages :)
Nevertheless this is a great update!
Google will probably have it working again shortly,they are usually pretty quick.
Also the same problem with Android 2.3 Xperia Play: can not log in with the error: "Couldn't connect to the server".
Edit: problem solved, there is a server problem?
Well, it was back for a little bit for me. Now down again.

+Mike Mahoney I'm already/still logged in but still getting "Can't load data."
Updated and google+ stopped working
Shocking update .... doesn't work on Google nexus 7 .... very disappointing:(
this update totally ruined what used to be my "go to" for G+. I'm always mobile, had to uninstall updates back to original. Which I might add, now that I'm back to the pre-installed without all the updates I'm getting all my notifications again, as well as instant upload working. lol DON'T THINK I'LL EVER UPDATE AGAIN!!
I hear that the update killed G+ on Android but not iOS.
How do I switch from acting as page back to me on iOS app? Can't find it. Thanks
What a terrible update.  Less functional than the last version.  Google needs to learn something about workflow and user interface design.  At this rate, I'll be uninstalling Google+.  I'm already considering dropping Google+ because hardly anyone I know wants to use it, bad mobile software could very well finalize my decision.
Having a connection error on this last update. login from app but not post. Am posting from browser
Okay so the update just completely screwed me over. Everything was working fine I did the update it says no connection please check your connection cannot load status yes I can play youtube video go to Chrome Browser load up the Google play Store and download an app I had to go to settings on my Nexus 7 and then go to apps and uninstall updates now I'm running the stock version of Google Plus that came with the tablet and I was getting use to the way it look before great please let me know if there is a fix for this issue thank you
Its not the users, the mobile app had connection maybe authentication issues. Seems ok now
Looks like no one at google actually uses their own app/services. Have they tried using the app with several pages and using 2 step verification account?

Having to logout/login with the same account just to change to any of your own pages? How could that ever gone public?

And how will that work out for notifications? If you have multiple pages under the same, and different google accounts?

Hope a update soon, that allows changing pages without logging out. 
+Anish Acharya Excellent update & excellent new features!

Concerning the iOS version on iPad, there's a small bug when you go from a notification to a post, you can't +1 the comments then. Also, if a photo is attached, it doesn't show the text if you go there via the notification.
can't connect to server after update... I am back to previous version now
+Carlos Martins hopefully it is a work in progress and is a temporary UI to access the underlying support of multiple pages now built into the app. If so they could at least let us know that switching pages as easy as the web app will come soon...  If not I guess I just wont use it unless it is really, really, really important - hardly the UX you would think they are looking for.
Nice update, but there has to be a better way to access Google Page. Constantly signing off and on all the time just to switch is cumbersome.

Still a better mobile app than Facebook though :P 
The app is broken completely. Needs to be fixed , I am uninstalling the updates.
App broke connection on my GNex, can't use any account on G+ :( 

Can't uninstall updates either... Please fix ASAP!
Great! Please add access to Circles like on iPhone!
Sokat kell még tanulnom,hogy tudjak ís egy keveset
+Dell E  I only get a list of people I may know. Can't find how to access my existing circles
On my HTC One X, horizontal scrolling in "Find People" doesn't work. Which seems odd, since I can see parts of "people boxes" on the right.
cn reza
I have no knowladge about g+
Who's got it? What is the 'find people exprience' like?
+Dan Morris it is quite similar to the desktop experience. Suggestions are those of celebrities and pages of interest. They do not seem to be too personalised, as I don't think Google knows who your favourite musicians, actors and brands are.
One of the things in triumphed in Ice Cream Sandwich was scrollable widgets, so why in the hell did you remove this beautiful functionality in the widget????
just giiven this a play on my iPhone, was quite excited at the ability to post as a page .... though having selected a page, I'm now struggling to work out how to switch back to my personal account, or switch to another page...
Ok - figured it out from comments above - but really shouldn't have to sign-out then sign back in again to switch! Please fix this!
+Aryell Caesar did you fix yours yet? I had to remove Android Login Service from my security settings and re connect my GNex. But after that it works fine.
Im still trying get this g+ and tweeting i got Facebook down just got smart phone 
When I read about the new Android widget, I was really worried you'd taken away the "unexpectedly close the app when pressing the up button after opening a post from the widget when the app isn't already open" functionality that I rely on every day. Thankfully its still there, meeting my need for inconsistent and confusing navigation. Please continue to support this feature in the future.
Windows phone?!   :(
What happened with the widget? Was scrollable now its just one post?
Been waiting for this. I manage the page for my company, and much more convenient to do it mobile.
So... does the iPad version support Messenger yet?
fantastic news, well done. Updating now!
It is version for me.  yea!  It's good. Try it !
I just dont get this whole google thing somebody help me
When is a Windows Phone Version coming?
need google plus update for nokia.  if not i will not get it
I was so excited to see this update finally included posting to pages, and then I discovered you have to log out and log back in to use them. Come on, +Google+ is usually so great, why not have fast-switching between personal accounts and brand pages on mobile? Did you roll out the update when it was only halfway ready just to meet some deadline? :(
Just received the new Google update a few days ago and it is a better version.
Finally! The app is getting better and better.
Wow, that new widget is ugly and useless. Why would you degrade the experience like that
when will it get released for symbian phones nokia
ok +Anish Acharya  here's an odd #bug!
When getting a notification via iPhone/ios on acivity on a post of someone else's I shared, when clicked I get taken to comments on the original post, not the one I shared! That's a horrendous bug!
soooooooooooooooooo Beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.............
Got the updated version (for android). Had to, because of its support for pages (which is great to have!). However: I'd prefer more focus text and less focus on images in the stream.
Widget is a no no. Clicking is never better than scrolling. Please switch it back.
The update completely broke G+ on my Galaxy S 4g. Crashes w/a force close on launch every single time. If you're having the same "won't open after update" crash/force close, I managed to get it working by first (completely) uninstalling Google+, and then doing a new (fresh) install.
Does this allow you to attach location to posts from Pages? Is the local stream back? Can I attach location from the regular website so that I don't have to write a blog on my phone just to post from my location-based page?

These things used to be features of Google+ ... no more. It's still less valuable to me now than when I began using Google+. That's what happens when you remove features, sorry.
Didn't try it ( yet ) , maybe because I know how to do such thing without app. It's good that Google understands something obvious - times of mobile computer in pocket arrived!
I did it. It worked fine
+Anish Acharya Great having the option to post as a page! I do wish there was a simpler way to implement posting/switching between different G+ accounts, and now between personal accounts and pages. Signing out and back in, and completing the set up process each time feels clumsy. The app does gets better with each update, so I appreciate the great work! 
Another bug in ipad: On a shared post when you receive a comment or +1 notification and click the notification it takes you to the original post instead of the reshare where the comment / +1 is located.
+Calvin Henderson Find People is the new name for the previous Circles option.

+Tristan Young I'm sure that your comment would be a bit more helpful if it had specifics, like the not connecting others are referring to. Mine works just fine after the update, and I'm using it now.
The experience of having to log out and log in again just to access your G+ pages is so weak that the release of this feature should have been delayed until a proper UI could have been conceived. It's simply not practical for someone with a strong password (not to mention a 2-factor login) to do this regularly. I really don't get what the developers are thinking here. 

On a more amusing note, suppose someone posts a link to a G+ post (say, for instance, Now try following that link from within the iPhone G+ app. The resulting page comes up in a desktop format, with a header bar that kindly warns me : "Your browser configuration is not supported / Learn More / Update to a modern browser / dismiss"

Now, if I ask to open the page in Chrome or Safari, there are no issues; in fact, it pulls up the mobile version of the page. But the same web controller embedded in the G+ app itself? No luck. (I've submitted the bug report, I just offer it here for amusement :P)
+Anish Acharya What good does "add location" do without a local stream??? And do you expect me to blog from my phone to my location-based Page?
I sent feedback, but after the update I can't sync, or even have the option to sync G+ anymore. Yay for no animated gifs on android! :). But I agree, having to sign out for pages is not a good option.
Wonder if using the app and mobile browser version concurrently will work? Sign in as individual on one and as company page on the other?
Finally! Ability to post on Google+ pages can't wait.
ummm...yeah...  it was poorly executed.  there is no easy account switching like with Gmail.  Its annoying to have to sign out...sign back in...choose a page...check for updates and make a post...sign out...sign back in...choose a different page or your profile...and so on.  Clearly not planned out at all.  Please make it functional before bragging about it...

while your at it...please fix the single post view on tablets...huge waste of space to give the actual post content so little space to work with.

Its kinda ironic that as a dev I just got some emails from Google pushing design standards for apps on phones and tablets, and Google's own apps don't follow those standards very well...  :/
But still no possibilty to add a link with corresponding site image in a post on iOS? I hoped this would be possible in this release...
I don't get the reason behind changing the from Circle to Find People O_o !
How do I switch from my personal profile to post as a page owner? I can't find that option in the iOS update. Please help!
+Anish Acharya notifications of comments on threads that I restated point to the initial thread, not mine. I cannot see the comments on my thread by following the notification link, I load instead the original thread that is usually very long and takes a lot of memory and download time. 
Looks like there's quite some demand for Windows Phone already. No wonder... it is already used by 1 in each 10 Italians and everybody knows Italians do it better! Eehhehe!
+Anish Acharya +Vic Gundotra  This update is cool especially the widget and I hope the next android update will integrate G+ deeper into the OS like apple is doing with Twitter and Facebook in IOS6. I wish we could +1 and comment right from the widget without having to open the app itself. Also a single tap scrolls to the next post but a tap and hold becomes a continues scroll through several posts...
Poor update - Widget is weak and the need to log out and log back in again to access a page is painfulo - moreso with 2-factor authentication. This is a perfect example of why Google has so much potential, yet manages to shoot itself in the face almost every time they release something.
Animated gifs don't work for me.  No matter which android device I use.
+Anish Acharya Notifications in the new version direct one to the photo of the post and not the post itself.  Previous versions always directed one to the post.  I'm assuming that this was some kind of mistake since there's not benefit and there's quite bit of loss.  
How about Google+ for Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT?
The ironic thing... it's not made of tweed! 
I downloaded the google plus app today and It gave me a choice to choose from which Google Plus account I wanted. My personal or my business page. On my phone I chose my personal, on my iPad I tried to choose the second one and it never loaded, just kept pin wheeling and stopped. NOTHING, Nada.  Sigh!  Thanks for nothing. And support for such a problem doesn't exist ANYWHERE!
+Aryell Caesar hey, I have the same problem. How did you solve it ? New version of Google+ mobile doesn't at my home after I bought my new net router, but it works in my office. What's wrong wiht my setting s router ?
Can I switch between me and my page like I can sitch accounts in gmail for iOS?
Still waiting for the 'switch account' functionality... Any news?
Now that we have a cool YouTube app for Windows Phone 8, it's time to release the Google+ app for Windows Phone 8. Pretty please? 
Over a year later and still no way to switch accounts without signing out & back in? That's silly google. You can do better. 
This feature is now truly needed as people manage more and more services from the one login. I don't even know how to login separately to access my G+ pages!
Google, stop playing with watches, and make Google+ better.
Facebook isn't going to defeat itself! 
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