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Thanks for all of the feedback around the iPhone app. A couple of quick updates:

- Yes, we are working on iPod Touch / iPad support. You should see support for these devices in the very near future.
- We don't officially support iOS 5, however we're looking at addressing the most egregious bugs for our beloved serial early adopters :)
- Reshare: Not yet, coming soon
- Please, please ensure you have the right version of the app (see +Punit Soni 's post)
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The app looks and works great! Thanks!
Thank you! I feel like Touch users always end up with the short end of the stick in things like this. I'm glad to hear it's in the works but disappointed not to be able to share in the iPhone app release love today.
How soon will you be adding support for Palm Treo?
What about a Honeycomb app? I know iOS needs love, but don't ignore your own. :D And yes, I +1'd my own post.
When I type '+' and the start a name the only people it starts to fill in for me are people in my gmail address book unlike when I'm accessing through the desktop browser. Is this something that is coming?
Thank you :)
Option to select a photo from existing library would be lovely. I know lots of people who use the photo apps to alter images after taking them (I love Hipstamatic). Would be a good add, I think.
WP7, please. And if you can at least make the iPhone app universal so it runs on iPad while the native app is in progress, that would be great too.
Works fine on my iPod Touch 4G when the .ipa is obtained from outside the app store... Any chance of a WebOS Version?
Big feature request. Provide the ability to auto lookup friends when posting messages. I've gotten used to using g+ through the web as an alternative to email to send asynchronous messages to individuals. Posting only to circles is too limiting
I'm starting to think I'm the only one whose notifications aren't working on the iOS app. I get the badge bit no sound or popup. Any ideas? Thanks. 
Would love a way to send Google+ invites from the iPhone application using my iPhone address book. Thanks for your hard work on this.
Would love to be able to view all the great animated GIFs that people post on the iOS app, if possible. Usually these animations tout G+ while lambasting FB >;)
Thanks for the app, but I have found problems where it pauses for ages, presumably waiting for data. Today was the first time I wanted to to a check in with a picture and comment, but when I connected to my stream to post the message, I had to wait 30 seconds for a JPG that someone had posted to load before the app could do anything else - fortunately on this occasion I wasn't in a hurry, but it spoils the spontaneous nature of the activity. Please add a share/post/check in button on the front page of the app, and let the user be able to interrupt the app like you have been able to with browsers for 20 years. As I type this, probably another good idea came to me, a way to disable images downloading when you are on a slow mobile connection.

Like Andrew, I've been noticing really LONG pauses where my browser seems to lock up my system. Usually, this means network errors of some sort. It only happens when I have G+ open in a tab, so that seems to implicate G+ as a cause. I'm using the latest Firefox. Just thought I'd do a +1 to Andrew's post.
Thanks Andrew and Bill, I'll share this feedback with the team. Were hard at work on performance improvements now.

I hear you about being able to quick post / checkin etc.

Keep the feedback coming!

+Robin Norvell 
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