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Deborah Simms
Contestant on Series 3 of the Great British Sewing Bee
Contestant on Series 3 of the Great British Sewing Bee


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Orange Wool Pinafore
Well! Five months is quite a while isn't it? I cite sleep deprivation and general exhaustion as the reasons. Evelyn had a few bad months of not sleeping as well recently so being Mum has taken all of my creative energy. I still managed a few bits and bobs o...

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Quick get your craft on!
I am incredibly honoured to let you know that I have been chosen to judge the 12 Jumpers of Christmas competition.  This is a wonderful initiative to try and get people to craft their own christmas jumper, rather than going out to the stores and buying a ne...

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Spotty Coco
Yo yo yo How's it hanging guys? Sorry... this is my attempt to use the cool lingo... but this isn't the 90s and I'm not on the set of Clueless so sad as it may be time to shut it down. So anyway, where was I? Oh yeah! I made a thing! Those of you with unfat...

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Birthday Xerea
Hallo, How are we all? I am doing well, tired but well. Little E went through a stage of sleeping for long periods of time recently. They call this sleeping through, it's not exactly a whole nights sleep but it's certainly better than nothing. However, last...

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Breatfeeding Dress DIY
Hello everyone!  I’m here! I’ve made it back to the blog! Spud has fallen asleep
on the sofa, and did not wake up when I moved away from her! It’s a miracle of
epic proportions. Life is very different here, I seem to be feeding almost
constantly, did anyone...

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Start Something Good this Wednesday
Hey everyone! Bit of a break there, but I'm sure you can understand why ha ha. I'm not gonna go into detail about life right now but it's all going well. I managed to get a bit of free time on Sunday, Free time! Woop! and took pictures of some things I've m...

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I'm teaching at the Handmade Fair! Squee
Hello all! I've got something a little different to talk about with you today, though disclaimer there are no new makes so if you're only in it for the pretty dresses feel free to skip this one. I have some very exciting news! I will be teaching a workshop ...

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Our beautiful daughter
Hello all! Those of you following me on instagram may have spotted that we have had our little baby, Evelyn. I am ecstatically happy (and hormonally emotional) in equal measure. We are getting somewhere with claiming back free time but obviously we are tire...

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Big Brother Washi
Hey hey! So apparently being on maternity leave takes more energy than you would think! I've been sleeping lots, and having baths and painting chests of drawers, and buying copious amounts of small people things, and sleeping! Did I mention sleeping? Monday...

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Post Number 100 and a Floral Flora
Happy Saturday puny humans! I'm at the end of my first week of maternity leave, what a week! I've been out for lunch a couple of times, bought a lot of things online, painted one chest of drawers, started knitting a blanket and still managed to keep my feet...
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