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Joel Fitzgibbon, fighting for the lower class that also happen to be in the top few percent of income earners. Labor party staying true to its values. What a hero, what a man.

"In Sydney's west you can be on a quarter of a million dollars family income a year and you're still struggling,''

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Perhaps I'm pleading with the wrong people. The argument 'My climate research is more important than your climate research' seems a lot harder to win than 'My climate research is more important than your cartoons [especially considering they're not very good]'.

" number 462...of the Top 500 list, the Sydney company Animal Logic, which helped created films such as Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole and Happy Feet, is a known user of supercomputing resources"
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Bad sign for the amount of  #proofreading   that'll be required when your litreview is titled iterarute review   #spellingfail   

"Your local nuclear reactor is on fire, no cause for alarm" #ABC   local radio #weather   updates. Conditioning me so I know when they start saying it's bad it's time to take notice.

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The Kraken awakes!
An elusive giant squid has been captured on film for the first time in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Smashing interview with Herb Elliot on #sportingnation . Looks like it'll be a cracker of a show. Would love to see longer of Heather McKay though.

'fungal bacteria' taking out (another rainy) tropfest. Disappointing.

Thank you Angelo Matthews and Afghanistan, for making me enthusiastic enough for ODI again that I'll be going this Friday. Can't wait for first Australia v. Afghanistan fixture!
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