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New book by Benjamin Thomas Jones and Mark McKenna is available from Penguin at a price of $29.99. In this book we hear the voices of 17 important Australians who we know and admire, talking about a moment in the not too distant future where we will be able to speak with one voice: bios

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Project Republic - a blueprint for change

In an unusual moment of bipartisanship, key parliamentary advocates Wayne Swan and Malcolm Turnbull have come together to promote a new book on a New Australia, a book considered by many to be long overdue; a book promoting a blueprint for change; a book suggesting that a republic is achievable and maybe earlier than we think.

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Key Australian persons - Abolish the States!

In this section we do a bit of research and find out what people have said in the past related directly to the issue being addressed on BloggerMe:
-Jeff Kennett: The layer to go
-Tony Windsor: abolish state governments!
-Lindsay Tanner: Abolish the States
-Jamie McIntyre: Eliminate state government
-Allan Patience: a waste of money; get rid of them
-Paul Everingham - Times have changed
-Gough Whitlam: Centralism & regionalism
-Paul Keating: Minimalism: Australian head of state by 2001
-John Howard: I'd abolish the states (if I was someone else)
-Richard Murray's radical plan to abolish state governments
-Klaas Woldring: Abandoning federalism
-Wayne Hudson & AJ Brown (eds): Restructuring Australia
-Peter Consandine: Abolish State Governments!
-Mark Drummond: Saving through elimination of the States
-Rodney Hall: Australia's Future & a $30 Billion Answer to Our
-Gavin Putland: Why Australia's states are doomed
-Barnaby Joyce: Spill no tears for the middle tier
-Joel Fitzgibbon: Ideal reform
-Pat Farmer: Abolish the states
-Peter Costello:  Strip the States of powers
-Senator John Cherry: Why the States have got to go
-R.G. Menzies: Abolition is a method of securing unification
-Ben Chifley: Abolish the States altogether
-Peter Beattie: abolish states, or redefine them
-Bob Hawke: 'Scrap states' to drive reform
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