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opera vpn for ios
opera vpn for ios let's you browse websites that may be blocked depending on the location from where you are accessing the internet. For example if you are somewhere where some websites may be censored by local authorities, the vpn will let you access the b...

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use xcopy command to copy to another folder without prompting to overwrite existing files
Let's say you want to copy files (which don't change) to another folder on your network as a backup. And you want to automate this process daily for example so that you won't have to manually copy the new files to the backup folder. Thanks to the xcopy comm...

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Transfer fotos, documents and files between devices
you find yourself regularly wanting to transfer files (such as images)
from an iphone/android phone to a PC for example, have a look at Shareit by Lenovo.  It's an easy to use utility which allows you to send and receive files
from different devices w...

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Remote desktop windows with concurrent users
The server version of windows allows multiple users on the same network to log on to one machine using Remote Desktop.  But
what if you only have the normal windows version on which you want to
log on using remote desktop while another (local user) is sti...

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Simcity 2000 special edition free at Origin
If you were fan of the first Simcity game released in 1989, you probably played Simcity 2k also when it was released a few years later. Now that Electronic Arts bought up Maxis, the company that originally created the simulation game, it is offering the sec...

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Remove Windows.old to free up space
In case you have upgraded your computer from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or 8.1, during installation, the computer users files will be automatically copied to a folder named "Windows.old". This usually contains user created files, music and videos from your prev...

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Printer Pro for iPhone free today
In case you don't have an airprint compatible printer to call your own but still want the ability to print directly (PDF,JPG,Word, Excel and Web pages) from your iPhone, get printer pro which is available for free today from the App store as part of the App...

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Sega’s classic game ‘Crazy Taxi’ available free for iOS
The universal game is currently available for free on iTunes. The car racing game first came out in 1999 for gaming arcades and arrived a year later on Sega’s Dreamcast gaming console. The game has been recently ported as universal App for iOS, meaning it’s...

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Make the iPhone battery last longer
It seems that as long as there is no new kind of technology (such as solar, kinetic or a sterling engine ) integrated into the phone that produces at least part of it's needed energy to function, we probably won't see any big changes in battery runtime desp...
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