Web testing with the Opera Mobile Emulator and Opera's Dragonfly.

I've always tried to strive for optimal compatibility across all browsers but somehow, for me at least, Opera has always been a bit of a step child. However lately with Opera being one of the front runners on supporting the latest 'HTML5' goodies (HTML5 APIs/SVG/Web Storage) this has certainly changed.

Opera's Dragonfly is a cross between the Chrome dev tools and Firebug with all the common features such as a DOM inspector, Javascript Debugger, Resource & Storage inspector, a console and the reason for mentioning all this is its remote debugging capabilities.

In combination with the Opera Mobile emulator it allows you to do mobile development and debugging straight from the desktop.

The emulator contains (amongst others) a wide variety of HTC and Nokia devices and the popular Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy tab and the Asus EEE Pad Transformer.
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