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Merja Priest
Little me all the way from Finland living in down under Australia with my little family.
Little me all the way from Finland living in down under Australia with my little family.

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Embroidery with kids
I have just learnt a very valuable lesson. Never underestimate what your child can do. Also try many different things with your child, because you never know what they think is totally awesome and fun to do. We've been a bit sick this week, Emma the most. S...

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First small airplane flight for the little miss
Sometimes life gives you treats. For Emma it was last Sunday afternoon when she got to go for her very first small airplane flight. Of course she's a bit of a world traveller already and has travelled from one side of the world to the other 5 times (and she...

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Easy as pyjama pants TUTORIAL
This is dedicated to my dear friend Linda, who has so bravely started her sewing practises and already finished at least 3 pyjama pants for her daughter and one pair for herself. May you keep sewing them pants and next time we'll have to learn something new...

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Mother's Day 2014
OH MY GOODNESS people! I have been pinching myself the whole day. I am one lucky mama. Not only do I have beautiful children with amazing personalities, but I have an unbelievable husband who keeps surprising and spoiling me time and time again. Wait till y...

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Bags, bags, bags
I've been really enjoying making bags lately. Couple for birthday presents, one flew overseas and few are still on my sewing table waiting to be finished.  Then one time, while I was finishing one of the bags, my daughter came to me with her puppy dog eyes ...

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Portrait of a 3 year old
I am so in love with this portrait that Emma made today! Well yes I did help her a bit, but we'll get to that in a moment. First, THIS was our inspiration. I love pinterest and Emma loves hovering over my shoulder, so when she saw that picture, she asked me...

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Painting with ice
Sorry guys, I've been away for a long time. Truth is, as my holidays were coming to an end, I wanted to unplug a little for the remaining weeks and decided to play more with my kids and spend less time on the computer. It worked great and I don't think I've...

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Diy Sponge Ball
Do you know those water toys that you can throw at someone and they are soft and squishy and lots of fun, but sadly cost a bit too much to have many. What if I told you that you can make them yourself with the cost of couple of dollars! Presenting to you Sp...

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Super quick summer toy for water games
We are taking full advantage of summer and we are loving it. Out little blow up pool gets so much use every day, even I've jumped in a few times. You don't need fancy toys to enjoy you summer, so today I'm just quickly popping by to give you a great toy ide...

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Summer fun with finger paint (thermomix recipe)
Part of my husband's job is to work as long as you are required to work. So sometimes when he's suppose to finish at midnight, he doesn't actually get to finish until 8am and be home at about 9am. This was the case just yesterday morning. In these circumsta...
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