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Rachael Hope
Let's all be awesome.
Let's all be awesome.

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2016 in Review
1. What did you do in 2016 that you’d never done before? Got fired from a job, moved my entire house from decision to being completely out in 7 days time, applied for food benefits from the state, went away for the weekend with Scott, watched a friend final...

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With Good Reason
We sit on the couch, and I'm wearing pajamas that I may have been wearing for more than a day.   "Are you really depressed?" Tears well up in my eyes even at the words. "Yeah..." "Do you think it would help to talk to Xola?" "I just don't think it would hel...

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Roller Coaster
Day 2. I thought I was feeling better.  I did start to feel a tiny bit of hope today, I see friends who are doing things to make a difference.  I see people I respect and care about showing strength by saying they will concentrate on what they can do on a l...

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Hope Extinguished
My kids were late for school this morning, but I didn't care.  As I drove, the world around me was grey.  The sky is dreary today, the chill has returned to the air, and rain pelted the car as we made our way there.  My heart today matches the weather, grey...

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#teampaigestrong: An open letter to my legislators
To Whom it May Concern, I am writing to you today to share the story of my friend Anne and her daughter Paige.  Paige is almost 6 years old, and should be starting Kindergarten at her local school.  Unfortunately, Paige is being denied her right to the educ...

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One 4.5.16 Both of my parents remarried the year I turned 10, and our family spread across the land with Dad and Helene in Fargo, and Mom and Rob at our new full-time home in Bellingham.  She was the first person I met, the first friend we had.  Four or fiv...

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New Jersey 2016
My favorite from the Graduation We were lucky enough to be be able to travel to New Jersey last month to celebrate my little sister Lianna's high school graduation.  The boys hadn't been to New Jersey in 5 years - almost exactly - and Sam remembered a littl...

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Dear Danny, I'm not gonna lie, things have been a bit rough lately.  Having to suddenly move and at the same time having me around all. the. time. has been a hard transition for you.  Pair that with the fact that Kindergarten ended, which is always a big ad...

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10 - Double Digits!
Dear Sam, I probably say this every year, but I can't believe that you're 10 years old already.  I continue to be amazed as I watch you grow and turn into a real person, you're still a child but so big.  The last year has been a big one.  Going from 3rd to ...

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62 Things That Are Not Consent
Being pretty. Being thin. Being curvy. Having large breasts. Having a nice butt. Having self-confidence. Wearing tight clothes. Wearing short skirts. Wearing make-up. Wearing no bra. Showing cleavage. Wearing heels.  Wearing thigh high boots. Wearing garter...
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