Got asthma?  There is one very predictable way that I know of to get rid of the symptoms without drugs.  I know because I did it to myself, then shared with my mother, then over 4000 real people personally, and over 40,000 manuals sold, and another 50 odd thousand given away free (chapter for children).

When I was running workshops, the guarantee was that if you gave it a go, and you did not get amazing results - then a no-fuss immediate refund was yours.  Over the 18 years there was only one refund - it turned out he had an aggressive tumour which was affecting his breathing.

So - got asthma?  Get rid of it.  I have a bundle of teach yourself Buteyko products (not heard of it?  Blame your doctor, your drug company, or your dog - but find out about it.  Reduces asthma by average 90% in very short time without drugs.).  Normal price is $47, short time price because I am re-writing everything is $9.

It is not free, because I tested, and found that people do not even open free products.  Revenue raised goes to charity.  Go here: to find out more.  It is not beautiful because I am also rebuilding that site.

Oh - yes - the guarantee applies - try it for as long as you want - a week, a month, whatever seems reasonable time for get results - and if you don't get amazement - contact me for a refund.  As a reference - children in workshops are usually not needed relief meds after 2nd day.  (In the Brisbane Mater Hospital Clinical Trial - the average reduction of relief meds was 90%.  AVERAGE right?)

Yeah I know - that is sensationalist.  But it is true anyway.  It is appalling that people do not know about this info right from kindergarten.

Please share this info - especially if there are children who are having their life spark wasted by unnecessary misery.  (Like mine was.)  This info has been available since about 1952.  Time it got out?

Thanks everyone
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