This method reduced asthma relief drug costs by 90%.  Two videos.  First one shows actual price we pay for asthma drugs - one costs over $10M per kilo.  Second video explains what the reduction method is.  Also works for Blocked Noses...
Hi everyone.  Hey - I need your help to get some important information about asthma out.  It is contained in two videos that for simplicity are on my FB page.  The first video breaks down the actual prices we pay for asthma drugs into $/kg.  (For US friends one kilo is just over 2 lbs - so just halve the prices. ) One drug is $11M/kg.

The second video shows the evidence of how a breathing method can reduce need for relief meds (ie symptoms) by average 90%.  ie you can spend about 90% LESS on your asthma meds - plus you will feel better (trials showed improved Quality of Ilfe Scores).

So - if you would please help - and share this or or direct your friends to     The information there does not require payments, and once you get the idea you can find all the training you need on the web.  Or you can do a course or buy a book or whatever.  Or you can figure it out for yourself.  But ONLY if your friends have told you about it first.

James Hooper
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