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If anyone is looking for a Bourbon County Rare. I'm willing to sell 1 or 2.

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Let's put it this way. Did you see a line coming out of the door at Pitmaster? Nope, because there's a reason. 

Has anyone tried evolveSMS? 

Today I said goodbye to the DNA and got a G3. I had a good run with the DNA and keeping it as a backup. I kept it way longer then the 4 or 5 phones I had before it. 

So I have had a Droid Maxx for a lil over a month now. My first Motorola smartphone. And after a month it went dead. I got my replacement and guess what, the headphone jack doesn't work! Worst company a have ever dealt with. Screw Motorola. And now I'm stuck in here. 

HTC M8 has a 2600mah battery. A 300mah increase over the M7. Smh. Way to fail once again. And they continue not to listen to their customers. 

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Lmao Usama Ashfaque blocked me. Sad dayz ahead. 

Been on CM11 for 2 days now. Running smooth and no problems except twice twitter stops receiving and transmitting data, but I just close it out and reopen it. The only thing I haven't tried that I normally use is BT to my head unit. 
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