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This article has some really tantalizing material, not all of it about chickens. "Big-brained mammals like dolphins aren’t the only ones to use names."

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I was thinking of getting a "no soliciting" sign, but actually I need this.

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I LOVE THIS ROBOT even though he's not very good at walking right now

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Important things engineers fight about:

*On a scale of 0 to 4, is 0 "highest priority" or "lowest priority"?
*Should array indices and counter values begin at 0 or 1?
*Should reset signals be active low or active high?
*Should a signal that halts an operating process to load up new control information be called "load," or is it a type of "reset"?
*What is the best text editor program?
*When writing code, how many spaces wide should a tab character be?
*Where should you use CamelCase? What about ALL_CAPS and all_lowercase?

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Chaos! Chaos! #Firstrobotics 

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Oh, this is fun.

How does anyone manage to have lint/hair free clothing? I don't know how that works.

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#Fox #FoxManual Most late-model foxes provide feedback about the optimal skritching position with a self-oscillating leg.  Be sure to watch for it.
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