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Leroy Mwasaru

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Hey, guys. Any one who knows about Arduino, an open source hardware prototyping platform that uses simple code. Im tinkering with the code and Uno board. Interesting stuff.

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The first third of the year wraps up with commendable
mentorship programmes gone through by the HWB team, as well as progresses. Mid-January
saw our project being nominated for the 2015 Index Award . Credits to Arielle
Mollino who works with Intellecap, on ...

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Greetings to all! Earlier this month we were graced by Global Minimum to being
part of a remarkable panel entailing; Bonolo Matjila- Spiruteens, David
Sengeh from Global Minimum, Leroy Mwasaru(Human Waste Bioreactor),   moderated by Kate Krontiris from Ber...

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Perspective view on The Ebola Crisis
After the deadly virus hit Guinea, it has claimed The fear of epidemic and the epidemic it self need to be disentangled. Ebola, for example, is relatively hard to catch. Unlike, say, the respiratory illness Sars which is highly contagious even when its symp...

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In Kenya, we are not short of ideas, our challenge is the social conventions among the local community that bound the solution among innovative youth. The path from idea from idea to invention is investment in science ,engineering, technology and design. Fo...

No good decision was ever made on a Swivel chair.
# msn school olang' hse academic capt.2014-2015

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