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Peter Hoffmann
Make haste, slowly!
Make haste, slowly!

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A Moment In Time Hunters Tryst Primary School Class Photograph, Year 1962-1968
Carol Ramage, previously of 4/3 Oxgangs Avenue sent me a copy of her class photograph at Hunters Tryst Primary School, 1962-1968. Carol is seated in the second row, second in from the right; she's still as slim! Two seats in from Carol is Nancy Black. Would...

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Memory of life in Oxgangs and Colinton Mains from Moyra Flynn
Hi Peter, I've "spoken" to you before, about Dr Motley. I bought your book The Stair from Amazon for my Kindle. I started it yesterday afternoon, fell asleep clutching it last night and resumed immediately I woke up this morning. Finished it a couple of hou...

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St John's Church, Oxgangs Demolition
Christine Vincentti posted these two photographs. I have written about the closure of  St John's Church in previous blogs; if you wish to read them just click on the index links to St John's Church, Seeing these photographs of the demolition in process took...

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Friday, Hogmanay, 1971
It wiz a boring last day o' 1971. The only wee excitement wiz going along to the chemist's shop to collect ma photies-there's always that wee bit o' frisson and excitement to see how they've turned out. It's been interesting keeping a diary a' year-it's one...

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Friday, 30th December, 2016 A Message from Retep Nnamffoh
Well, that’s almost it! The 1971 journal is shortly to bite the dust. Because 2016 is a leap year (in comparison to 1971) and therefore to bring it into synche, there's remains only one final entry to come from Retep's 1971 diary which will be posted tomorr...

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Thursday, 30th December, 1971
After a' the guid write-ups the past few days and me saying how great the holidays have been, well today wiz a boring day. As I've written before it's funny the way that one day everyone comes out to play and then for no apparent reason everyone just stays ...

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Wednesday, 29th December, 1971
Another lovely winter's day which allowed us a' to get oot for another game o' fitba first thing.  Just before lunchtime a group o' us icluding Boo-Boo and Ali decided to go for a long cycle ride. We cycled a' the way down to Portobello for a whistle stop v...

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Monday, 27th December, 1971
We're getting a guid crack o' the whip wie the fine weather this Christmas Holiday from school-it's not always been this good. Once again we got a bunch o' us out for a game o' football down at Colinton Mains Park. The postie arrived for the first time sinc...

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Sunday, Boxing Day, 1971
The good weather continues-crisp and cold but sunny allowing a bunch o' us to enjoy a very guid game o' fitba. Brilliant fun and it wiz just great to be able to get outside oan Boxing Day and run around.  I had another game o' footie later on, but across in...

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Saturday, Christmas Day, 1971
Merry Christmas everyone! We still got oor Christmas stockings from Maw, but now that we're a' getting slightly older, they weren't at the foot o' oor beds this year-but were still great as usual wie lots o' dinky wee pressies. Being Christmas Day we had a ...
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