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book booking booked - Online booking & payment software
book booking booked - Online booking & payment software

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How bookitlive works for Indoor Trampoline Centres in Australia & New Zealand.

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Why shouldn’t I just write my own booking system?
Writing a booking system is a long, complex and expensive process. Believe us, we know. We've spent several years building bookitlive to be simple, yet powerful, and suited for a wide range of businesses. Our advanced features range from our availability calendar to complex payment options, and we are adding new features on an on-going basis.
We can offer a wide variety of customisations for Enterprise customers that have large numbers of customers and sites. We can white label and custom brand much of bookitlive ensuring a seamless experience for your users. You can still generate great revenue at a fraction of the time, effort or cost of writing or running your own booking system. Our speciality is building booking systems, so before you consider writing your own, come and talk to us about how we can help instead.

Why does my bookings not appear in bookitlive when using PayPal to process payments?
When using PayPal attached to your bookitlive account to process booking & product purchases the details do not appear on the dashboard and reports if the PayPal account is not configured correctly. Bookitlive needs to get a transaction successful response from PayPal to confirm payments. If the successful response is not received from PayPal the booking or product purchase is not confirmed and will not appear.
Here are the two main PayPal account configuration issues:
1. When you setup your PayPal business account you need to attach your bank account details. If you have not completed this step all payment will need to be manually confirmed. Bookitlive is expecting a successful transaction response from PayPal which will not occur if the payment needs to be confirmed. To resolve this problem complete all PayPal setup steps.
2. When bookitlive processes booking and purchase payments the amount passed to PayPal includes all taxes. If you have your PayPal setup to add taxes an unexpected payment message is received from PayPal instead of a transaction successful response. To resolve this problem change the configuration on your PayPal account and remove taxes from being added.

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bookitlive changing the way Driving Schools sell lesson packages and book lessons forever.

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Gen Y and and want to get your drivers license in Brisbane

Purchase Driving Lesson packages and book lesson online with Metro Driving School

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