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I'm not the best, this is not perfect yet there is a beautiful story with this song. If you don't like the song please read the story, we all know someone that can benefit from it.  thanks

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Fran Aslam Originally shared
Forgiveness is the best form of LOVE

#ThebestformofLove   #Love   #franaslam  

this was posted a couple years ago on FB, thought it was worth sharing

Random thoughts of a restless mind

often we forget how things start, yet we don't forget how they end. Usually its with some sort of tragedy. We do all kinds of things for people we barely know, donate to this charity, do a walk, do a bike run or whatever it may be. Yet with those closest to us we hold grudges so long we forget what it was about. I'll be the 1st to swallow my pride and shout out to the world I'm sorry. I'm sorry you feel the world is out to get you, I'm sorry you feel no one was there to help you, I'm sorry for your pain and I'm sorry you cant say your sorry. As for me, I'll live with my decisions, I will not intentionally hurt you or anyone with my words and I'll pray you are given the strength and compassion to change things and heal your heart. I don't need you to agree with this or like this. If I'm lucky it will at least bring you a laugh, cause if you cant laugh at me who can you laugh at. Love may have nothing to do with survival yet sometimes its all that we have, that and family. I will not change how I live my life because of how you think of me yet how you think of me can change your life. For some it is easier to forget than forgive, to those people I ask, take one step back and tell me what you see, is that really who you want to be ....

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todays video of the day, enjoy a scenic ride down Mt. Washington N.H. during Laconia bike week, this is a few yrs old yet it was quite the cool day for the middle of june.

ride to the sky

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todays video of the day

 good for a laugh as camera was old so video and music are out of sync

why do we worry, because we care, because we love, because were human.  we are the light and the dark and one or two people together can make life heaven or hell. One endures, tries to survive yet you cannot save a person from themselves unless they want to be saved and even then there is only so much you can do.  The easy way is not always the right way and the right way does not always work. People grow apart, over greed, lust, passion, who knows.  We are an internal emotional reflection of the earth itself, the hard the soft, the beauty and not so much, the giving the taking, the peace and the rage.  Where do we lay our hearts when they are broken or have broken another oh how we trap ourselves as its easier to foster anger than peace. fear not that your life shall come to an end fear rather that it shall never have a beginning. beginnings end, starting over is hard, and walking away is not all its cracked up to be. all over what is usually stupid stuff.

this does not fit all situations yet stop and think, what is your contentment / happiness worth, fantasy builds sand castles that will never be, its been said a million times and a million ways, anger is hurt turned inward, tells someone today you love them. if not for them for yourself. time is shorter than you think

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i just read about another motorcyclist getting killed, defense attorney said the driver of the van "looked at least one way", I'm sorry (not) but that is no excuse, a man lost his life and his wife is in a coma, if she wakes up its going to be to nothing all because someone could not look both ways.  I'd also like to know what other driving offenses are on his record at 26 as it mentioned them but did not say them.

I pray anyone and everyone on 2 wheels regardless of how their powered be safe.  Always figure they don't see you, even if there looking right at you.  

if your out there riding today here are a few tips
watch car wheels at intersections, you'll see them moving before the car
never assume a driver see's you
dont put the bike were a car wont fit, they wont expect you to be there
ride the lane that gives you the best view and safest area
dont follow too close to big trucks, any driver taking a left wont see you and may cut behind them into you, stay to the left also it gives them a better chance of seeing you

it was just yesterday with awesome warm weather here in new england and I was out on my bike.  Cruising down the road, double lane divider in the middle when out of nowhere here comes this car watching traffic in the other direction, driver talking on a call apparently leaving work exiting the parking lot.

never looking my way she starting into the lane when i let go on the horn, thankfully my thumb usually rests between it and the turn signals.  If your out there riding remember to be aware (beware) is to be alive.  If your driving a car please don't let the heat and distractions get to you.  Last thing you want is to be explaining to some family member why there loved one is not coming home.  thanks for listening
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