We’ve released Let’s Encrypt 2.5.0: https://ext.plesk.com/packages/f6847e61-33a7-4104-8dc9-d26a0183a8dd-letsencrypt

Changelog (see also https://docs.plesk.com/release-notes/onyx/change-log/#1753-mu20171207 ):
2.5.0 (07 December 2017)
[+] Let's Encrypt extension can now automatically keep all subscription's websites secured. It finds subscription's add-on domains, subdomains, aliases, www, or webmail domains without a certificate, or with a self-signed or expired certificate, and secures them with a free Let's Encrypt certificate. To enable this feature, open the hosting plan or subscription settings, "Additional Services" tab, and select "Keep websites secured with free SSL Certificate" in the list next to "Let's Encrypt". The check runs each hour by default, which can be configured in Tools & Settings > Scheduled Tasks > "Extension letsencrypt" task.
[-] Email address on an IDN domain could not be used to issue a Let's Encrypt certificate for Plesk Panel or a domain. (EXTLETSENC-372, EXTLETSENC-399)
[-] In email notifications, IDN domains were written in punycode. (EXTLETSENC-389)
[-] IDN domain used for Plesk Panel could not be secured. (EXTLETSENC-371)
[-] When automatically renewing a certificate, the extension attempted and failed challenges on disabled domain aliases, included in the current certificate. This resulted in excessive email notifications. Now the extension detects such domain aliases and does not attempt challenges on them. (EXTLETSENC-391)
[-] The extension attempted to automatically renew certificates for suspended and disabled domains, which failed and caused excessive email notifications. (EXTLETSENC-375, EXTLETSENC-387)
[-] Domains without SSL/TLS support had the Let's Encrypt button, allowing users to issue certificates, which could not be used afterwards. (EXTLETSENC-127)
[-] Disabled domain aliases had the Let's Encrypt button, allowing users to attempt to issue a certificate. (EXTLETSENC-397)
[-] Securing Plesk Panel with CLI command did not complete: the certificate was issued and saved to server storage, but was not applied. (EXTLETSENC-374)
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