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o with a user manual. . .lead it d way it comes....
or a re-do button...  although sometimes I REALLY wish that it did!  ;)
but its hard and somtimes it comes consequenses
Life does come with instructions.  The Bible.. 
Then what about the Bible???
Oh my goodness +Robert Bradley That was LITERALLY what i was just going to say before I saw your comment!!!!:)
it always has an answer to all of your problems
It's also a guide, I'm sorry but it don't tell you what to do wene it still
don't go the way you strive for .
but it is always a comfort in hard times :)
gag....this post drew out the high fivers
One thing to keep in mind about the Bible as instructions... NONE of us are going to be able to follow all of it all the time.. and we have to forgive each other when we blow it on one of the Bible's instructions.. 

Oh.. and for daily life stuff.. Proverbs is great.. (a book in the Bible.)
Technically... If you have a religion, your life comes with a "how to live" type of thing.

(Unless your athiest/Don't-really-have-a-Religion) 
Actually, Jesus is the Creator, and knows everything.  The end;)
+Bethlehem Messele AMEN TO YOU.
THIS QUOTE IS A CLICHE AND IT IS SO OLD but if you must find something random to post then post this.
Aren't the instructions called parents?
so im tryin to do my best to make something out of nothin
To me it does, it's the Quraan.. and well yea we all made mistakes :)
"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."

Albert Einstein
Yes thank you sir +Ahmad Hamdan that is a much better quote since it s not as cliche'ich but Albert Einstein is cool
making mistakes isn't good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Joyce Carter yes we know making mistakes is not good but then you can't learn without mistakes miss.
sorry but your wrong life did come with instructions it came in the form
of 66 books under one cover namely the king james 1611 bible that is
what contains lifes instruction,
These word are completely correct
Now, if those with some small amount of power and influence would remember that small fact, there would be ALOT less confusion on the matter...
Yes it does. It's called The Bible.
It does come with instructions by, Bible; Koran
hahahahah u guys are funny but doesnt tell u how to live ur life the way u want it just bout the old days.guys ur in a new world those people arent here to make ur life perfect.
i kind of doesnt come with instructions
acually it does its called the bible
hahaha thats true next time i break something im gonna say that
yes sir it does it called Bible, Quran o
If the bible and quran were the instructions for living, the world would be even bloodier than it already is.  Keep those iron age myths in the fiction section.
.....& neither does it comes with forgiveness for the mistakes I made.
Yes it does lol we just don't listen!
Oh, and just wanted to point out I am in no way trying to convert anyone or Make them follow the Bible.. that is between them and God.. 

There is a God, He loves you, He came in the form of a sinless man, died on the cross to pay for our sins, rose after 3 days, ascended to heaven, and is coming back.

Do with that information what ever you want.. reject it, rail against it, embrace it.  My job is only to transmit the information, do with it what you want.
LIFE does come with instructions. In fact, there is a whole instruction manual to life, and it's called the Quran. You should read it sometime
How true and I have not learnt anything from my mistakes life is so hard!
yeah i know it is called a bible but some people dont know about the bible of the religen
Cool.  I think the stage where you stop making mistakes is called death.
it is not shameful to make mistakes, for in the end no one is perfect. but what is shameful is not to learn from these mistakes.and as one wise man once said :"A mistake once repeated becomes an ERROR"
KARMA,doesn't care about instructions,Karma only knows directions!What goes around,comes around,Skonka!!
B.I.B.L.E - basic instructions before leaving earth.... Just sayin 
Actually it does, its called the:
Sometimes i wish it did.
we as people are not without mistakes, we learn and adapt to them and move on, it may take time, but we must keep going
+Robert Bradley Curious what reasons you have for believing that to be true. I haven't found anything compelling for it yet.
Yeah! I agree till u learned a valuable lesson..Thats life
Yeah the bible is the perfect instruction for's both a gift and a responsibility... but God as the author doesn't expect us to be perfect but to be humble enough to know our human limitations:-)
Very inspirational thank you!.  I try to experience happiness every day, regardless of the circumstances around me & today that’s trying to understand how Google+ plus works.
I think when people read and hear quotes like this one, they immediately attribute them to holy books.  I am not saying that religion and the things in their teachings can not be beneficial, I think that people use religion for their own betterment and not EVERYONE'S.  This is one of those "golden rule" ideas.  God, in whatever form you believe in, has nothing to do with "golden rule" ideas...
who seid life is easy
that is a lie beacse the bible has instructions !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
Ahhh But it does!!! The HOLY BIBLE, Tells us all how to live and take care of our bodies.The temple of the living God..Jehovah!!!!!
pfft even if it did, how many people actually read instructions or owners manuals?? ;)
Yes, life comes with instructions..the Bible is ur instruction book.
Yeah! You should read the Bible more frequently!
To err is human, but, yet so many forget this.
awesome just blame it on life..... FUCK YEAH! :D
Mistakes are those precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way.
Okay. I feel better about the whole thing now....
zee key
Exactly!! Just live life!!!
alas, I wish that there was instructions life will be easier and maybe simpler 
that's right life doesn't come with instructions!!!!!!!!
very true - people must take a chill pill  when coming to judge people.
Such a good thing to say to someone when they feel bad for doing what they did. :¬)
we are all prone to them. Thank God we learn.
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