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Why roll roofing is the most popular among other types?

No wonder that roll roofing is the most preferable material among homeowners living in moderate climate zones. The easiness of installation and incredible durability made roll roofing choice #1.

A bit of theory. Glass-fiber mat is a base of the material. A thick layer of bitumen with special additives is applied on both sides, providing the same level of reliable protection and safety against mechanical damages and exposure to solar ultraviolet as the metal shingles.

You should pay a special attention to the amount of basalt crumb. The more basalt crumbs are applied on the surface, the better your roof will protect your home from aggressive influence of solar radiation. Surely, it will influence the price of roofing material.

Moreover, exactly these “additives” provide such a wide range of colors and shades, making roll roofing one of the most widely used materials among designers and architects.

Its flexibility, easiness to install, wide range of colors and shades, perfect waterproof properties and hydroseal, high level of noise reduction and resistance to the mechanical damages are the key features, which each homeowner could ever dream of!

But remember! Its durability and lasting properties are weaker than service durability of metal shingles. It is about 25 years of warrantied exploitation, and this material should not be used in the areas with heavy rains and high possibility of flood or often storms.

Do you want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact our master for free consultation!
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Christmas lights placed on roof and gutter are probably the most popular and widespread decorations among others. No wonder! It is easy to attach and it always looks outstanding. Do you know how to attach christmas lights so that they could securely hold on your roof and gutter and all bulbs were in the same direction?

All bulbs are attached with special clips. There are thousands of choices but only one distinct type goes with certain type of surfaces. In any case, there are two main types, best suited for any christmas lights:
multi purpose clips
clips for special surfaces

Another advantage is their price starting at $10 / 100 pack.
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Top-5 outstanding decor ideas for Christmas

The holiday season is finally upon us and it is time to think about outdoor decor to create a special festive spirit with a special smell of cinnamon and hot cocoa with marshmallow. Definitely almost everyone begins his or her Christmas with outdoor decoration and your street turns into art gallery.

So there are top-5 amazing ideas to make your home stand out of others.

5. Big color christmas balls
The easiest way to decorate everything where it is possible to hang christmas balls. You can buy christmas balls of different shapes and colors and hang them on both trees and roof trims. Whenever you want!

4. Christmas icicle lights on the rooftop and gutters
If you do not want to exaggerate with christmas lights and make your house look like a kingdom of light, you can choose icicle lights and decorate only separate elements. It is a win-win strategy: you will not waste too much electricity during holidays and your home will look stylish and eye-catching in any case.

3. Inflatable Santa or other heroes on the rooftop
Nothing could be as easy as inflatables on your rooftop. There are so many variants to choose: from big Santa to a happy penguin family. Another advantage is a relatively low price: starting at $40.

2. Festive tinsel or artificial pine garland
We put festive tinsel or garland on the second place because of their durability and low cost. You can combine it with christmas lights or attach it separately. In any case, this decoration is easy to attach and remove.

1. Projector lights
Do you want to create a real fairytale? Just use animated projector lights like falling snow or moving snowflakes. This is a kind of expensive stuff but the end result justifies the means.
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Enhance your house with great color schemes
However, there are plenty options to make your home look beautiful. A major change could be the color of exterior walls. It is not a decision you will take lightly. To help, here are a few top suggestions on the best exterior color solutions.
First of all, consider ALL the elements to be painted. If all the elements are painted in one color, it looks dull and not eye-catching. So the following parts could be considered as the ones painted in different or contrasting colors shades:
➕Siding. Main color, depending on which you choose color shades of other elements
➕Exterior wall corners. Some homeowners prefer to paint them in contrasting to main wall colors.
➕Window and door trims. Neutral shades would look great in any color solution.
➕Shutters. We also recommend to use neutral color shades and emphasize on main color of your beautiful siding.
⚠️If you did not decide yet which color shade matches to the desired color of siding, you can get a free consultation from our color specialist. Do not hesitate and call us! 👍
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The first step to buying new #windows is to determine your needs, design, budget and window functions.
New windows are available in #wood, #aluminum, #vinyl, and #fiberglass. Wood frames are a common choice for remodels and can be bought to match existing windows if you aren't planning on replacing all of them. Wood window sashes can be replaced to update a drafty window, but they require a bit more maintenance.
Clad-frame windows feature an aluminum or vinyl shell. They are used most frequently in new construction and are attached with nailing flanges that fit underneath the siding material.
Vinyl clad windows are available in a variety of colors, and they don't require as much maintenance as wood windows (and don't need painting). They don't look quite as nice as wood windows, but they're cheaper, and insulate almost as well.
Order a free expert advice and choose windows with Legacy USA
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Vinyl is the most popular choice for home siding on new homes in the U.S. Census Bureau data. It is tough, durable, and widely available in many styles and colors. Color permeates the material and won’t reveal nicks and scratches.
Today’s standards ensure that vinyl siding will maintain its shape in extreme temperatures, provide resistance to high winds, retain its color, and meet or exceed other manufacturer claims.
➕ Benefits: Light weight makes for speedy installation; can be retrofit over existing siding; little maintenance; top-quality brands offer transferable lifetime guarantees to subsequent buyers.
➖ Drawbacks: Seams will show where the ends of standard 12-foot panels overlap. Extra-long panels virtually eliminate seams for an additional cost of about 30%.
⚠️Green factor: Vinyl has a long replacement cycle of 30 to 50 years, but the same ingredient that makes it durable — polyvinyl chloride or PVC — doesn’t degrade in landfills. Byproducts of PVC production may include dioxin and other toxins.
#PA #philadelphia #Pennsylvania #siding #windows #house
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Roof replacement is quite costly and stressful process, isn't it? That is why, before you finally decide which contractor to choose, draw special attention to the papers you should require. Three documents are the must: 1) Building permit for a roofing project; this can help to ensure that your contractor follows building code. If a company does not have a building permit, your guarantee on the quality of conducted works and materials is more likely void. 2) A written contract that specifies all agreed specifications, products, and costs of the project. 3) A letter addressed to you from the contractor’s insurance carrier confirming that the specific project is covered under the roofer’s worker’s compensation and liability plan.
If you order a roof repair service from Legacy USA, be sure that all paperwork is going to be done!
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