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Animal Antics
Animal Antics - a book of fun and factual poetry!
Animal Antics - a book of fun and factual poetry!

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Happy to share another good review of Animal Antics. This came out last year but I've just discovered it now :-)

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Do check out "Flying High" a  new story from the author of Animal Antics -on Mango Reader:

Flying High is the story of a brave little kite (called Tiranga) that overcomes its fear of flying with the help of its friends. 

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Happy to see another good review of Animal Antics. Check it out at:

Animal Antics will be at the Author’s Corner, Hall no 8, Pragati Maidan, at the World Book Fair on Thursday, 20th February. Be there for a session of ‘fun and factual poetry’!

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Animal Antics is now also available at Eureka Book Store:

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Happy to see another positive review of Animal Antics:
Thought you might like to see it too :-)

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Stop by for an interactive session of Animal Antics on Sunday 24 Nov 2013, at the Studio, IGNCA, in central Delhi from 11 am to 12 noon. This is part of Bookaroo, the Children's Literature Festival:

"We humans by our actions have pushed,   
Many creatures to extinction’s edge. 
Every species’ loss unravels,                                              
Another thread in nature’s web."        
Find out more about how we're all connected in a web of life on:

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"If you’re on the African grasslands,
And see me with my kith and kin,
You’re sure to gaze in wonder,
At my black and white striped skin."
Find out more about me, and more amazing animals, at:

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"The Tibetans twine my hair for ropes,
And use my skin for leather,
And drink lots of yak butter tea,
To stay warm in cold weather."
What am I? Find out more about me on:
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