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Combating bigotry the gayest way I know how.
Combating bigotry the gayest way I know how.

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Here's proof that some forms of bigotry can transcend language into something that's universally mockable.

Of course, if you understand French, be prepared for some facepalm-worthy stuff coming from this crowd. This includes:

« La colère de dieu va s'abattre sur la France »
"God's wrath will descend on France"
(Just like it has in Canada, I suppose?)

And my personal favourite:
« J'ai des amis d'amis qui sont homosexuels »
"I have friends of friends who are homosexual."

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Slap has advanced to the final round of voting at this year's Canadian Blog Awards! If you've got a spare moment or two, please head on over and show some support. Slap is nominated in the Best GLBT Blog category. :)

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Slap has been nominated for the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards! 

Round one of voting has already started (and has apparently been going on for almost two weeks before anyone told me I was even in the running), so if you have a few spare moments, why not head over and show some support? Slap's in the Best GLBT Blog category. :)

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This video has been quickly making the rounds today. I don't think it's any less nutty than most other anti-gay arguments, but check out the reactions of the guy in the back! :)

Slap officially turned six years old on April 5th, and I didn't even notice. Oops!

By the way, if anyone wants a terrible touch-screen drawing, my username on Draw Something is MarkFromSlap. :)

Congratulations to my stateside friends on today's appeals court decision, upholding judge Walker's ruling that California's Proposition 8 is unconstitutional. Equality marches onward!

I figured that Slap fans on Google+ should be the first to know that a new site format is coming. :)

Slap has been voted the best GLBT blog in Canada at the Canadian Blog Awards for the fourth consecutive year! Thanks to all who voted. :)

The Slap website seems to be down. Let's, uh, say this is because of my opposition to SOPA. Yeah, that's it.
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