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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common cognitive disorders. The disorder can begin during childhood, and continue through adolescence and even adulthood. Click here to read more...

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What is anxiety and stress reduction therapy? 

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How Does Addiction Treatment Therapy Help?

Many addictions begin as self-medication, which can make treatment a complicated process. Studies reveal that drug and alcohol addictions often mask concealed mental health, psychological and/or emotional conditions. Fortunately, psychotherapy sessions can mend the underlying issues that drive addicts towards substance abuse.

There are several warning signs for alcohol and drug abuse. Indications that someone could be headed towards addiction include losing interest in other activities, habitually missing work, poor performance 
in school, deteriorating relationships with family and friends, financial problems, legal trouble, or the instance of an overdose. The presence of these signs is a good indication that an alcohol or drug user is headed towards a serious addiction.

Some do not realize that they have a problem, while others intentionally hide the condition. Whether a user is attempting to escape from family problems or ease the pain of grief caused by loss, professional therapy sessions can guide users towards healthier habits and coping mechanisms. For more information about addiction treatment therapy, contact the psychologists at Verdant Oak Behavioral 

Health (VOBH) in South Pasadena, California at

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How are Vertigo and Dizziness Caused by Anxiety Disorders?

Studies show that 2 million Americans who are chronically dizzy also have an anxiety disorder.  Named chronic subjective dizziness, this sense of vertigo is a medical condition that causes people to have a 
persistent sensation of dizziness.  People who suffer from this sense of vertigo feel imbalanced and are sensitive to crowded environments, heavy traffic and other motion stimuli.

Studies show that people who suffer from chronic subjective dizziness do not have other medical conditions, such as inner-ear problems, that usually cause vertigo.  Many people suffering from this condition have difficulty concentrating and problems with their family and work lives, too.  People who are diagnosed with this psychological condition have no physical reasons for the dizziness.

Vertigo caused by chronic subjective dizziness can usually be associated with panic attacks, panic disorders, social phobia and other anxiety disorders.  Additionally, this condition is also associated with migraine headaches.

 For more information about chronic subjective dizziness, contact Verdant Oak Behavioral Health (VOBH) in South Pasadena, California at or by calling 323-345-1402.

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Did you know? 
The word “Therapy” literally means “curing, healing” and is associated with the diagnosing and mending of health issues. Psychotherapy (also known as “talk therapy”) aims to increase patients’ sense of well-being through relationship building, dialogue, communication and behavioral guidance. Treatments are designed to improve patients’ mental health and group relationships.

Verdant Oak Behavioral Health (VOBH), located in Pasadena, attends to clients that wish to improve the relationship between the body, mind and spirit. VOBH provides a variety of sessions for individuals, couples, parents, families and groups seeking to enhance daily life. The team at VOBH values diversity, and recognizes the importance of finding a psychologist and therapeutic approach that works best for your needs.

Contact Verdant Oak Behavioral Health for more information

Understanding mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) helps individuals become aware of automatic cognitive thought processes that can trigger depressive episodes. MBCT clients learn mind management skills that encourage the acceptance of incoming thoughts and feelings.

By learning how to mindfully concentrate with purpose and without judgment, individuals can identify their mentally destructive automatic thought patterns. When these negative thoughts and 
feelings are decentered through MBCT, patients can avoid depression and negative thought patterns more easily during stressful life situations.

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