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Agile Coach in Washington, DC

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Dear Every Writer on Education Ever,

Please stop comparing itty-bitty countries like Estonia (population: 1.3 million, or DC + Baltimore) with large countries like the U.S. (population 323 million, or 248 goddam Estonias) or I swear I will force you to take high school statistics until you can get a passing grade. In Estonia. In Estonian!

I was especially unimpressed that Estonia's 25% Russian minority didn't drag down their math scores.

Wait, Maker Fair's in my backyard this weekend, and I only just found out about it?

What the hell, Internet? You had one job!

Just read a Guardian piece from last year by Jon Ronson about that woman who posted a dumbass photograph on Facebook and lost her job. I'm going to say she probably should have had her day ruined, and nothing more; but the web lacks brakes.

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This is why laws need unit tests.

I figured out why Maven SNAPSHOTs confused me: it's because they're using the word "snapshot" the exact opposite of the way everyone else uses it.

That is, usually we talk about a "snapshot of a moment in time", when a collection of things all go together—a git commit is sometimes described as a "snapshot".  But SNAPSHOT in Maven really means LATEST, or UNSTABLE.  A snapshot doesn't change, but SNAPSHOT's entire purpose is to change all the time.

VIDEO would be more appropriate.  But LATEST or UNSTABLE or HEAD would be my preferred replacements (at least unless someone can think of something better).

So I finally saw The Force Awakens, and now I'm reading all the articles about it online.  The most annoying thing?  No, not the stupid Mary Sue accusation—the fact that everyone refers to it as "TFA", which my mind automatically decodes as "The F***ing Article."

Thanks, Slashdot.

There's an ancient Chinese proverb that says:

Anything you put in a fortune cookie will be repeated as an Ancient Chinese Proverb.

An optimal template for setters (Java version):

    public void setFoo(String newval) {
        throw new RunTimeException("Bite me.");

Inspired by Alan Kay's quote:

"When you have a setter on an object, you've turned an object
back into a data structure."'

Incidentally, I tend to recommend defaulting to Smalltalk-like access settings: make all fields private, and all methods public.  (And a private field with a public getter is, de facto, a public field.)

So it turns out that San Berdardino couple really were terrorists, not just pipe-bomb hobbyists.

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I'm not sure what's more surprising: that Google can auto-correct the spelling of "fhqwhgads," or that I got so close with my attempt (one "h" away, which is practically on top of the correct answer in Hamming space!)....

(Also: why does Grab (the Mac screen-grab application) save as TIFF?  Preview can export TIFF as PNG; why doesn't Grab do that?)

(Also also: tiff-to-ping sounds kind of cool.  Someone should sample it and make a dance tune out of it (like with chair-scoot).)
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