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Taxpayers on the ropes, the HR Director's never seen!
The Times Leader Newspaper is reporting: Wilkes-Barre mayor says city paying for outside help to ‘break in’ HR director! A former Luzerne County employee has been working for the city,
teaching its human resources director the ropes until she can do the job...

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City Rubber Stamps ONE Million Bucks for Guard Insurance
One may wonder why the city would be so eager to give away a million buck to a company owned by “billionaire investor Warren Buffett ” (according to the Times Leader), especially at a time when the city just hit taxpayers with the maximum tax increase allow...

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Loose Chief of Police, TROUBLE says Union!
According to yesterday's Citizens Voice Newspaper, Union leaders forwarded
a letter to Mayor Tony (The Phony) George, blasting his choice for police
chief, Marcella Lendacky, on behalf of the members of the Wilkes-Barre Police
union, and although the letter...

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Mayor George post-inauguration party????
January 5, 2016 The Citizens Voice reported: George opted to forgo the post-inauguration party, to stay in city hall where city employees said George had spent the day either in his office or bustling from department to department familiarizing himself with...

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Lawlessness & Disorder, ONLY Tony George
If your voting Tony George simply because you want to restore Law & Order, Wake Up Wilkes Barre. This guy is already selling our city down the river. Accepting HUGE campaign contributions from city contractors, and criminals in exchange for No-Bid city cont...

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Tony George defends Kids for Cash Judge
Many folks have been asking what did Tony George say, some even defending his actions, but for the sake of argument, lets take a closer look, shall we? From the Times Leader political forum 10/21/2015: "I did support Mark, Judge Ciavarella for what he did f...

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Bobblehead Barrett must GO!
For a while it looked as if several city offices would be filled simply via the outcome of the primary election, without a fall challenger, but thanks to one courageous, hardworking, fighter, we can say "not so fast boys".... Thankfully in the case of:  Cit...

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W-B Sewer/Scam Alert
As city officials roll out their new sewer authority designed to tax neighboring community, many of our neighbors are already sounding Red Alert, and with good reason. The new sewer authority hasn't even held it's first meeting and it's already in debt with...

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King's College arming security
King's College must finally be facing the reality that our city is not (as Mayor Lie-A-Ton would describe it) "a safe walk-able city". As they have made the decision to arm some of their security officers. After all who could blame them, we've seen this cit...

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Hawkeye endures outages?
The Times Leader Newspaper yesterday reported that "Wilkes-Barre’s ‘Hawkeye’ video surveillance system endures outages during upgrade' Others will argue that Hawkeye must ALWAYS endure outages, as the system has yet to produce a single image, in spite of th...
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