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I'm on Suzi and am experiencing massive kernel wakelocks from Bluetooth. Bluesleep wakelocks. Goes away when Bluetooth is off. Wakelocks continues even after phone disconnects from car stereo. Image from BBS in comments

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Are you guys planning on adding OMS commits? Or are you waiting for CMTE?

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aoscp cypher 3.1 nougat 7.1 looks great on the oneplus 3 with the swift black theme! Everything feels snappy, can't wait to see how battery life is! :)

is it just me or is the substratum gerrit down right now? :(


I loved your ROM when I had a nexus 6. Now I have a oneplus 3, so I was wondering if there are plans for a caf branch of N?


i have a question about adding commits to ROM for substratum. if i have a conflict that looks like this:

<<<<<<< HEAD
#ifdef _ANDROID_
// Load overlays, if any
asset_path oap;
for (size_t idx = 0; mZipSet.getOverlay(ap.path, idx, &oap); idx++) {
oap.isSystemAsset = isSystemAsset;

>>>>>>> de08e5d... OMS-N: integrate OverlayManagerService into framework [6/14]

should I leave the code, or does that mean the code should be removed?

thanks in advance!!!


im trying to add masquerade to a personal build im doing. Im running into a problem when adding masquerade to the

once I add the line, i get the following build error:

Repository synced!
Looking for dependencies
vendor/beanstalk/config/ * missing separator. Stop.
vendor/beanstalk/config/ * missing separator. Stop.

If i remove the word masquerade from PRODUCT_PACKAGES in,, the rom will build fine. What am I doing wrong?

Here's the section of my
# rsync

# Stagefright FFMPEG plugin
libffmpeg_extractor \
libffmpeg_omx \
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