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+Google Local Guides: Are you seriously hijacking your local guides emails with spam for a movie? (Skull Island email)

The local guides program is becoming a great tool for improving map accuracy and helping people find local businesses and attractions. But if you're going to start using it as a channel for spam, you're going to lose guides.

Knock it off, please.

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I wonder if coaches are giving these parents' kids extra attention to make sure their negative attitudes aren't affecting their kids on the ice.

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I've noticed more tracks in the snow this year as I've been riding to work. Few fat bikes, though. For general winter riding, a mountain bike-width tire is more versatile than a high-resistance fat tire.

I ride on 40 mm tires with carbide studs. With long johns under my ski pants, a good balaclava, toque, and lobster-claw mitts, I haven't been cold at all this winter.

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Another social attack targeting Chrome

If a website prompts you to download a font to see it properly, don't do it. Close your browser tab and stay off that page. The site actually downloads a malicious software package that installs ransomware.

Your default Chrome browser can display any normal web page. Even if you lack a particular font, a web page should display a related common font that you do have.

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My question is how the city gets away with the unconstitutional practice of funding one specific religious school board through taxes.

When you get rid of the check boxes, how about sketching out a plan to put tax dollars into one public school board only, and not favour one religious group over everyone else.

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A couple of years ago, I bought a mattress from another well-known retailer for substantially less than the advertised price. I wonder if this ruling is going to affect other companies' pricing.

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It's about time. As the Yellowhead Highway (the northern branch of the Trans Canada) passes through Edmonton, it becomes a busy industrial street, with traffic lights and surface intersections for half its length. Even with the Anthony Henday ring road now complete, it makes sense to turn the Yellowhead into a real highway.

Of course, the Yellowhead at its worst isn't a fraction as bad as the Trans Canada highway through Calgary, which devolves into a clogged urban street. The completion of the Stoney Trail must have been an incredible sigh of relief for anyone who routinely crosses that city on a weekday.

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In past years, Ford has used his piloting skills to help with search and rescue missions, but it may be time for him to hang up his wings. His line from The Last Crusade seems appropriate in this case.

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The tour will cover songs from Pink Floyd's "Moon," "The Wall," "Animals" and "Wish You Were Here" albums...

I think the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel needs tighter control over who's allowed to write articles about music. Moon? Seriously? I can imagine a deejay on their classic rock station announcing "Here's Gig from Floyd's Moon album." There would be torches and pitchforks marching toward the station.
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