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Pizza con patate - It's #WhatsForDinner 
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"That one time we had chicken for dinner" 
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Lou Malnati's frozen pizza.
For when it's cold, snowy, and you're missing Chicago something fierce
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Every #Agile Project Ever

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#BreakfastPasta - its comfort food, and #WhatsForDinner

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Scallops on polenta, with pignoletto and sunshine.
It's #WhatsForLunch 
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"Our first step was to gather some metrics and let them tell us what to do"

So, #GitHub migrated part of their K-V persistence from #redis to #MySql.
Which is cool, and a nice story about operationalizing migrations, and worth reading in it's own right.

The part that struck with me though was the bit about metrics above.
You'd (not?) be surprised how frequently people Just Do It because it's "intuitively obvious" - which is also how you end up with Code That Never Goes Away.

#Metrics - They're not just important, they're necessary!!

Historically, we have used Redis in two ways at GitHub:
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It happened.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. 
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Unexpected snow makes for an excellent streetscape 
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The future, not just in #Austin, is clear! 
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#DeepLearning and medicine
Nifty idea - leveraging facial recognition to identify genetic markers that express themselves in facial features.
Obvious in retrospect, like most awesome things 😊

"Face2Gene takes advantage of the fact that so many genetic conditions have a tell-tale “face”—a unique constellation of features that can provide clues to a potential diagnosis."
Machine learning is helping doctors diagnose things like genetic disorders, Alzheimer's, and autism faster than ever before.
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So, the place is OK. The mains are decent, and the "appetizer" bao are OK too (the beef brisket bao is actually Good though. Get that) All in all, a resounding "OK", i.e., if you happen to be in the hood, and can't get into Kome, go here (A word of warning - the dinner menu actually doesn't have much 'bun' in it, unless they are referring to the Mantou/Bao rolls that they use)
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Oh those cocktails!!!
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Mind you, everything I've heard about the place is that it is inconsistent - which implies that I happened to be there during an up-cycle. But boy, what an _excellent_ up-cycle! The "Nellore Chapla Koora" was fiery - Andhra fiery - but without losing any depth or complexity. The tandoori chicken was...unctous. That's the only word that applies The kheema naan had an _excellent_ lamb filling. And the raita was appropriately cooling ex post facto Mind you, we _did_ order a bottle of Sula Sauvignon Blanc, which turned out to be the weak link. It may be great when one is in Bangalore, but here, go with something else :-)
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It's the little things here : - The ragù bolognese is veal/beef/pork, and has barely a whiff of tomato, not unlike the RealVersionThereof™ (i.e., in Bologna) - The wine list is long on inexpensive reds (again, a fairly common touch in northern italy) - The "fried polenta" is surprisingly light, as is the "gorgonzola sauce" it sits on (a light cream sauce. who knew that such a thing existed!) - The service is friendly, and doesn't push the expensive stuff on you I could go on, but I'll stop here. The bottom line - this is the kind of place that you can find yourself coming back to, if only for a glass of wine, over and over again. Yet again, very Italian :-) Mind you, one non-Italian thing, the servings are AustinHuge™. Be warned :-)
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85 reviews
Beats Tue pants off of the rest of the options in Williamsburg
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There is some excellent stuff here. Ok, there is a *lot* of excellent stuff here. But, to _really_ get a handle of the place, go w/ the meats, in all the varieties that you can get them. They'll be camouflaged, sometimes openly so - the pastrami in the pastrami sandwich (ok, it's a reuben. whatever) seems like it is getting overwhelmed by the smoked bread, but a few bites in you realize that *it* is the true star of the show. Likewise with the "cured meats platter", buried wherein you'll find "pickled sausage". What? Yup, "pickled sausage", which miraculously combines two awesome flavors into one magnificent whole. Let the waiters lead you to the promised land, and enjoy the journey ;-)
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The "pub" part is brilliant - a constantly changing/updated selection of beers, that they staff is more than happy to discuss with you in crazy depth. The "gastro" part is really quite good. The food isn't spectacular, but *is* quietly consistent, the type of place that you come back to over and over again. The wait-staff is friendly to a fault, and more than happy to spend time discussing, well, anything with you :-)
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