Do you think kids in school ought to receive an education, or do you want them to get a nice serving of global warming is post-normal science ?  How about fracking for gas in farmland does not have harmful effects?  Or climate scientists who warn about the dangers of climate change are part of a socialist agenda?  Or that no-one who has contracted lung cancer can categorically prove that it was from cigarette smoke?

These are the causes promoted by the Heartland Institute who are behind the current push for science denial in schools.

The LNP as most know are copping criticism for jumping on this neocon propaganda bandwagon:

But this is not a new thing with the LNP, and its not some lone wacko proposing something that the majority party won't accept - its a consistently held belief and constantly pushed by the LNP, such as here again in 2011:

By the way, and I think this is hilarious, the Heartland Institute is saying that one of the documents is a fake:  It was OK to pillory the scientists of the CRU based on unlawfully obtained documents, but now its happened to them they cry "fake".  In this post Heartland crony McQ quotes Heartland exec Lakely, verifies the authenticity of the other documents, and confirms the education agenda of Heartland.  

So, now we know that the budget document is genuine, as confirmed by Heartland it is that document (and not the purported fake) which outlines their program: down with climate science, up with fracking for gas, and other  polluting, environmentally disastrous enterprise.

Let's just make sure that everyone knows a vote for LNP is a vote for Heartland Institute policies in your schools.
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