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Bringing businesses alive visually to customer's in their own homes.
Bringing businesses alive visually to customer's in their own homes.

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By the end of next week Google will be changing how virtual tours are indexed when published. They have released little information. Keep an eye out within Google My Business for new feature options.

Known changes
- the knowledge graph on Google Search (rolling roll out over a month or so)
- new options in Google My Business to replace 'feature' images that used to be See Inside (unknown release date)

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Thought this would be fun to post to the Web. It isn't outrageously awesome, but it can be done quickly with any posted tour.

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More fun using Google Maps to the best benefit.

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Thought people might be interested in seeing how fast the new technology is. I still use the older cameras because the quality of the images is higher and I can fix things like colour aberrations, which cannot be fixed with the new camera easily.

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Looks like Google is getting serious about advertising Street View again.

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Looks like Google is going to continue to push virtual reality. There are some drawbacks. They are accepting lower quality images and editing. However, with more people using the technology it becomes harder to stand out. My recommendation is to keep any display of a business high in quality.

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360 degree video. It is interactive and I find it lovely for certain circumstances. However, I didn't think advertisements were the best for it. Turns out I was wrong more because of people sharing the new idea than the technology itself. Might be interesting for something you want to reach the younger/tech savvy crowd with.

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Interesting use for 360 images - anybody need a single image for an add?

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I haven't been posting here since I was out of town for a while.

However, I'm back now and see that Google wants to make some major changes to the StreetView program. However, they assure me that I can still offer high quality photos as well.

So, here are the ideas that they are for sure going ahead with.
1. let anybody shoot with the Rico Theta, helmet cam, or GoPro and share. Not sure to what extent they will be able to moderate, but if you post the images to Photos or copy them to your cell phone/tablet some moderation will be possible.
2. Still offer the high quality photograph program currently know as StreetView.

Just to give you an idea for web display, the Rico versus the Canon was shot by a friend. Check it out.

Just a reminder, Google Maps is about more than a place in a town or city. Check out: 

Indoor Maps (want help? I love creating indoor maps)
Integrate your floor plans with Google Maps.

Local Guides
Earn rewards by contributing to Maps.

Google Maps Treks
Journey beyond the road by seeing what previous trekkers have viewed.

My Maps
Create and share custom maps.

Just in case you aren't aware, you can use apps such as Waze (, Mapmaker (, and more to use some of the newer features and designs such as road obstacles, alerts, booking in restaurants and hotels, custom maps, special places, and more.
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