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Got myself a new Asus Transformer T100HA  to see how much I could get working.

64bit EFI (been my dream of using existing media, so this is good)
4GB Ram
Intel Atom x5-Z8500 processor

Untested: Sound/Bluetooth (No sign of bluetooth working, but I never looked)

Not Working:
* Wifi does not show up (dmesg, or modprobe brcmfmac).  It is a broadcom device on sdio looking at windows.  Most likely newer hardware then the driver handles.
* Needs nomodeset on the kernel commandline to boot,  x uses fbdev.  xrandr does not allow resolution changes.
* By default, grub/x are rotated 90 degrees (Command line can be fixed via echo 3 > /sys/devices/virtual/graphics/fbcon/rotate_all, probably X with a custom xorg.conf file can be fixed in a smiliar fashion).

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Picked up a Asus Transformer T100 Chi to see how it does (I was close on the T100ta and T200).  Specwise seems to have a lot of what the original T100ta had.

Wifi was a no go until I came across,  disabling sdhci-ahci powermanagement seemed to help (ubuntu default 3.6.19 kernel) but could be a one off.

Grub is going to be a problem as I don't think it is possible to have bluetooth working before windows/linux boots.

Also was unable to get bluetooth working on here (never tried on previous models as I never needed it before.  Looks like 'hciattach /dev/ttyS4 bcm2035 921600 flow' was the way to do it on the original t100ta.   On the chi, I get "Initialization timed out"

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A good review for anyone working on User Interfaces.
This video is not only a great rant about Windows 8, but a great rant in general.  Woe (and goblin farts) to any who ignore its lessons!

Windows 8: The Animated Evaluation

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I own a Palm Tungsten E,  which to this day has been my favorite mobile device.  Programs started instantly, and navigating was quick.  (Bit low on horsepower and memory).  It was probably slower, but I loved using Graffiti 2 to write with.

For years, I have been trying to find a modern replacement for my Palm Tungsten E.  I have never tried Palm WebOS, but at this point I don't see it taking the world by storm.  Access Linux sounds like the spiritual successor to PalmOS 5.2 Garnet (the system used by Palm Tungsten E).

Currently I am using a HTC One X as my mobile device.  I felt that I would prefer the openness of the Android platform (A double edged sword).  Still,  I never quite feel right using  the touchscreen keyboard.  (I would prefer Graffiti, or a physical keyboard).  I also decided that I do not want a sliding keyboard (Thicker, and moving parts will create wear & tear).

There is a bit of the past that's on the Android market though, Graffiti Pro gives the original Graffiti 1 input system for Android devices (although it was Graffiti 2 I had memorized).

Only thing missing now, is a builtin stylus.  So far, the only android devices I have seen that support a builtin stylus is the Samsung Galaxy Note family.  I picked up a standalone stylus, but I would prefer it to be stored in the phone.  Well, all good things in time.

Post has attachment and now have a class2 ssl certificate from  Now all I need is one more certificate for code signing.

I am doing some research into android development, so I decided to see if I could get myself an android device. After poking around, I found the HTC Wildfire S. Affordable price, don't need a dataplan, has wifi, and a GPS. Online reviews seem to show it has a slower processor then it's competitors, but other then that it should work fine for my purposes. Basically I now have a smartphone, and did not need a new plan.

My first smartphone, and it does replace my aging Palm Tungsten E. Not quite as fast to open up applications though, I really miss the Palm OS 5 system. Using Graffiti with a stylus just felt more fun then the touchscreen buttons.

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Began exploring widget options for Google+ and I came across, a neat utility to put recent news articles (and some basic information) on a site. It was not exactly what I was looking for, but still amazing.

the Google+ Widget (designed by Chris Kanger) allows you to build a html based embedded widget you can add to your own site, with a "Add to Circles" option, and a list of recent news articles

I have added it to my news page of floating on the right side.

What I was looking for, was a replacement for my current news section, that would paste my public streams from my Google+ page to the entire width available on my webpage. Then I only have to update my news in a single place.

Thank you Chris for your efforts.

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I decided to join Google+, Social networking is a new experience for me, but I suppose technology is evolving. Over the years, there have been some amazing tools for keeping in touch with your friends. First there was email, then later came ICQ. I remember the web panels you could integrate into your webpage with your ICQ status, it was an amazing time. Later, MSN appeared to become mainstream. It never felt quite the same, and I miss the web panels (although I abandoned ICQ when I only received spam within invite requests. *sigh*).

One of the reasons I made, was to put my HTML skills to use, and tinker with some of the modern options within HTML. First I used SHTML for including parts of webpages, then abandoned it for PHP as I get the feeling SHTML is dying (or possibly it died a decade ago). I want to stay as close to the raw HTML code design as possible, but I want my news here, and on Google+. One of these days I should consider finding a way to show all my posts on Google+ here, and archive my news.

Wow, first post on my new Google+ account.

Tis warm weather, and embarking on a expedition down the stamp river tomorrow if things go well.
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