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James Ruffer
No WAY! Okay Maybe. Done!
No WAY! Okay Maybe. Done!

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Quote of the weekend #givecamp  "Any roadblock? Umm No, oh wait, we don't know where some of our code is.  So if you or someone sees a new map on their website let us know."

GiveCampMemphis wowsers ton of people this year.

Memphis bound

Had a great week.  Wait until you see all the great things I am rolling out. 

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Wonder how Vic will handle evil twin attacks on google plus #Swsx

what are you doing for googleplus spam. Difficult to work around the culture differences. But people that are using the scammy postings are getting caught. 

Google plus API not coming anytime soon 

I think Vic and google plus give their end users more credit in the intelligence area. Sxsw

Google plus is the fastest growing service out of all their services. Swsx google plus knows your name so it can bring you more custom features. 
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