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I want 2 erase my face book page and instagram page 2 the public
Hello Plus Pagers and Facebook Business Manager Users, I thought I'd lend some tips to the recent update/bug Facebook has created for business pages who use Business Manager. You might have noticed the dropdown arrow option changed from "Use Facebook As" to "Your Pages"- It means we can no longer "use" Facebook as one of our business pages, and therefore cannot view that page's Newsfeed, or Like other related businesses as our page the same way. Instead, take a deep breath and do not delete your Facebook page since this new update is well...not ideal for business owners. Instead head to your page outside of Business Manager. Look to your left under your profile image and you will see "View Pages Feed" --- this is how you will access other business pages you like as your business. Some people experience this update/bug early, many months ago. Majority of us are seeing this happen as of this morning. Yes, it's not efficient and you will have to use Business Manager more to access your page instead of toggling back in forth between your personal account and business. This has happened months back and Facebook took a few days to fix this bug. Hopefully this is still a bug and not a permanent change. I hope this little tid bit of info helps some of you out there before you delete your page in frustration. Have a good night Facebook!
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