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Janet P. Caldwell
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Janet P. Caldwell

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Uplifting quotes can help you get through any situation in life. So dig in and enjoy working through the chaotic mess of life at times!

Janet P. Caldwell

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Janet P. Caldwell

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Author/Poet, Activist & Friend
Editor, Free Lance Writer, Author, Radio, Magazine & Publishing
  • Inner Child Press
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Author, Poet, Activist, Friend

Janet wrote her first poems and short stories, in an old diary, where she noted her daily thoughts, whether suffering, joyful or hoping for peace in the world. All of this was recorded by the tender age of ten. This was long before journaling was in vogue. Along with her thoughts and poetry / stories she drew what she refers to as Hippie flowers. You know, the Sixties / Seventies flower power symbol, of peace and love, which are a very important part of her consciousness today. Janet wrote her first book, in those unassuming diaries, never to be seen by the light of day due to an unfortunate house fire.

This did not deter her drive. She then opted for a new batch of composition journals and filled everyone. In the early nineteen-eighties, Janet held a byline in a small newspaper in Denton, Texas while working full time, being a Mother and attending night school.

Since the early days Janet has been published in newspapers, magazines and books globally. She also has enjoyed being the feature on numerous occasions, both in magazines and radio. She has gone on to publish three books. 5 degrees to separation 2003, Passages 2012 and her latest book Dancing Toward the Light . . . the journey continues 2013, published and available at Inner Child Press along with fine book stores everywhere.

To find out more about Janet, you may visit her web-site, Face-book Fan Page and her Author page at Inner Child Press.

  • NTSU
    Creative Writing, 1983
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