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Please search 'Thrive Beyond 65'
Please search 'Thrive Beyond 65'


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Fascinating unorthodox long term treatment for #stroke victims. 

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Grapefruit potentially causing catastrophic heart & blood pressure interactions?  Yep!

It's a little known fact that needs to be shared with everyone you know.  Let's get the word out!

#GrapefruitInteractions #DrugInteractions #DrugSideEffects
Delicious winter citrus is now appearing in your local grocery stores.  It's ripe juiciness is good for you, right?

Be cautious, watch your medication labels or check with your pharmacist or doctor to be sure that grapefruit or it's juice might interfere with drugs you're taking.  In extreme cases the repercussions may be deadly.

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Like most reluctant children of elderly parents, I was reluctantly thrown into the role of caregiver.  Sadly, like so many others in my age group, I hadn't given the project any prior thought or planning.

Luckily, with a brother and sister also in the immediate area, we had several care alternatives available.  Do you?

#ElderCare #ParentalCare #SqueezeGeneration #Caregiving 

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Family Caregiving.  For me 2013 has been all about parental role reversal.  Last year began the process of evaluating my octogenarian parents living situation, then acting on it.

This year has been all about wrapping up what I began last year, getting them moved, and preparing their home for sale.  The climax of the project was moving myself from MY home of 35 years in Southern California, to the suburbs of Cleveland.

With others in my age group who are dealing with these same issues, here are a few things I learned.
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