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Is your spirituality hurting you?
I confess, I am a proponent of spirituality. I believe it helps us in invaluable ways: believing in something bigger than yourself helps you feel grounded. It gives you direction in life. And it helps you find meaning in a world where there is plenty of con...

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I am loved
I think this quote from the letter of John surpasses most other quotes: "In this is love; not that we have loved God, but that God loved us." This thought of God's love strengthens me as I journey through life. I also find that this thought does not automat...

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Finding Peace in Unanswered Prayer
This morning's scripture passage is from the first letter of John, and I quote: " We receive from God whatever we ask..." I wonder what John is speaking of, as I know of no one who receives from God whatever she asks. I, for one, have lived with many unansw...

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No Afraid to Risk
Getting stuck. I would suspect that each one of us feels "stuck" at some point in life. If we are self-aware. If we are conscious about our journey. Recently a friend of mine said her life needed a change. She was "stuck" with the changing laws of her state...

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This Year, find Gutsy
Tomorrow is the Feast of Epiphany. I've always thought of it as journey, as light
shining through the darkness, as revelation. And it is all of those
things. But something else is on my mind this morning as I sit here and
write. I was told repeatedly in ...

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A New Year's Thought
A New Year is about to begin. As I look back at this past year, I am reminded of my own growth stages. These occurred most when life proved more difficult. This reminds me of the gospel story of the disciples out on the sea of Galilee during
a raging storm...

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Unwrap the Bindings
I have noticed that spiritual
people can have a tendency to over spiritualize everything in life, as though
somehow every act came straight from the hand of God. I am not speaking of
those who see the hand of God in events, but rather to those who exclude t...

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Holy Saturday - Sacrament of Life
    Holy Week. A week of remembering, of solemn ceremonies, and of reflection and silence. Only, not for me. Not this year. Having lived the heavily ceremonied days of Holy Week in the monastery, I find it hard to think of these sacred days not spent differ...

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Good Friday Way of the Cross
Good Friday. A time for reflection. A powerful thought comes from what is termed by some as "The Way of the Cross" meaning Jesus walk from Jerusalem to the Mount of Calvery. When I stop to reflect, I can see that I too have my own "Way of the Cross" journey...

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Life is not a tragedy
is not a tragedy, writes L Giussani. Tragedy is what makes everything amount to nothing.
Yes, life is a drama. It is dramatic because it is the relationship
between our I and the You of God, our I that must follow the steps which
God indicates. (34...
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