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I'm looking for one or two more players for a Torchbearer game running biweekly at The Source Comics and Games on Thursday evenings. Here's my stinger. :)

Lost, benighted Tyspon, the once-famed isle of sweet wine and pearls, has risen from the sea where it was sunk these last hundred and sixty years. Fools in their cups mutter that the isle's wealth must be yet there, lying in the open, gold and pearls on briny bones with only seabirds to guard it. But respectable folk reproach such talk! The gods cursed Tyspon, and the Hexed Spit, and all the sea for a league around them, and any man or woman who sets foot on the shore of drowned Tyspon would be unclean, outcast from all the empire! Oh, it would be a desperate band of ne'er do wells indeed who would sail for that fallen isle.

I'm going to run this game in the Torchbearer system, part of the old school renaissance. Torchbearer is all about dungeon crawling, keeping the torch lit, tough decisions about gear, and surprising twists that even the game master doesn't know are coming. It will feel both familiar and different to those of you who have played buckets of D&D, and I hope you'll give it a try.

I'm running it in a Howard-esque, Leiber-esque sword and sorcery world, so all characters will be human, but they can come from various fantasy stocks: barbarian, citizen, seafolk, steppefolk, and gypsy. Classes are the killer, the savage, the warlock, the cultist, and the scoundrel. Inspirations are Conan, Fire and Ice, Fahfrd and the Grey Mouser, Frazetta, and anything that you can airbrush on the side of a van.

We've currently got a barbarian killer and a steppefolk cultist. In the last session they were shanghaied by corsairs on the Hexed Spit!

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