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Private support group for expecting mother diagnosed with gestational (pregnancy) diabetes. Pre-screening assessment must be completed before entry. New mothers welcome to stay after delivery for continued support.

The CDC predicts that 2 out of 5 American will have diabetes or prediabetes by 2020. The ADA Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) has a 58% success rate in preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes in high risk adult. Their success rate increases to 70% is people over 60 years old. Lifestyle changes absolutely improved the quality of life in the individuals who are willing to make that commitment.
I believe American’s can improve the future of their children by teaching them better habits. Currently, in my community, 17% of children entering kindergarten are classified as at risk for weight problems. By the time they graduate high school, the percentage jumps to 40%. This tread of weight gain during childhood continues into adulthood. Being overweight places them at risk for multiple chronic diseases. By parents becoming aware of their role in their children’s future health, they can teach their children better lifestyles and thereby avoid many of the health risks. I have developed a program to assist parent in supporting their children’s growth and development. Please see my website at
I also believe in early detection of prediabetes is key to improved quality of life. The Diabetes Prevention Program (research) proves that early diagnosis can prevent multiple complications from uncontrolled blood sugars. Risk factors include ethnicity, a parent diagnosed with diabetes, being overweight, high blood pressure and many other areas. (Please see the risk analysis provide at the CDC diabetes assessment website. If an adult has two risk factors, they should be screened for diabetes every three years.
Lifestyle coaching should be provided by employers too. Diabetes education improves employee health, reduces employee absenteeism, reduces health care cost and greatly improves employee/management relations. I strongly believe every company should provide a service to encourage better lifestyle management. I also believe in early detection of diabetes is key to improved health. The Diabetes Prevention Program (research) shows that early diagnosis of borderline diabetes can reduce or delay diabetes by 58%. If an individual has two risk factors, they should be screened every three years. Risk factors include ethnicity, a parent diagnosed with diabetes, being overweight, high blood pressure and many other areas.
There are many types of life coaches available online. I consider myself a Professional Wellness Coach. I am a registered nurse, certified diabetes educator, with a degree in nutritionist. I practice motivational interviewing. Only by motivation an individual’s heart can you make sustainable lifestyle changes. I believe in taking care of little problems before they become overwhelming. It is easier to lose ten pounds than it is to lose a hundred pounds. Find an individual you trust and you feel you can work with.

Julie Stelting RN CDE BSN BSD
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