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r Srinivas
I love science and engineering and I am geek who want to and can make the world a better place
I love science and engineering and I am geek who want to and can make the world a better place

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this is amazing....

                   First Woman to have a Bionic Arm
Claudia Mitchell - first woman to have a bionic arm - a prosthetic limb that she controls with her mind. Claudia Mitchell, who lost her arm in a motorcycle crash in 2004, volunteered to be fitted with the limb in 2006 after becoming frustrated with a standard prosthetic. Surgeons took nerves from her shoulder and embedded them under muscle in her chest.
YouTube :  First Lady bionic Arm

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9 min video about Tanishq Abraham, a 9 year old college student guest on CNN, ABC, MSNBC who wants to cure diseases & design a rocket travelling faster than the speed of light.  He's the youngest speaker at NASA ever, youngest to discover a Supernova ( & a member from age 4 (IQ>150).   See him talk for 2 min on particle physics: 9-Yr-Old Prodigy Explains "God Particle".  He's Vice President of his College Astronomy Club as you can see from his talk on their ☻anti-matter♥ experiment:  Tanishq Abraham, 9 yr old prodigy- VP of American River College Astronomy Club at Club Day 9-20-2012.  He is reminding me of the MIT teen who wants to cure aging thru her Immortal IP VC firm:  Laura Deming - 20U20 Episode 1.   With such role models, the future is bright :)

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5 min video on water purification invention by 14 year old Deepika Kurup, winner of the 3M Young Scientist 25K Prize.  Every 20 seconds, a child dies ( due to drinking dirty water.  Her method runs off-grid, reduces Coliforms from 8000 to 50 & E Coli from 1000 to 0 in less than 8 hours + yields fresh-tasting water. Deepika reminds me of Moshe, who graduated from community college at 11 (Moshe Kai Cavalin: 11-Year-Old Half Chinese Graduates college), & of Laura, who enrolled at MIT at 14 (Laura Deming - 20U20 Episode 1).  Laura started working in a biogerontology lab at 12 & hopes to help humans☻ live as long as they wish ♥; at 17, thru a Thiel ( grant, she started her venture capital fund, IP IMMORTAL, to cure aging thru science. #immortality   #water   #cleanwaterforall   #science   #health   #longevity  

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1 min clip from +Google Science Fair calling teen inventors from all nations to enter a chance to win $50, 000 & benefit humanity. Registration is at We live in exciting times☻, just days ago Billionaire Samuel Yin created $1.7 million Tang prizes for Biopharmaceutics & Sustainable Development:  Billionaire Yuri Milner created in July 2012 world's biggest science prize, $3 million ( offers more prizes),, with $27 million given to 9 physicists.  Two December 2012 winners of the 3 million Prize were Stephen Hawking & a CERN group, adding up to 11 awards so far: 2012 Medicine Nobel Prize winners gave us great progress: ♥   #science   #physics   #chemistry   #medicine  

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6 min National Geographic scientific video on the amazing  effects of Qi energy on matter.   

One thing some forget today is that electromagnetic energies can alter the cell chemistry.  Dissolving a tumor with chi kung - English version  shows 3 min in a Chinese hospital treating diseases with Qi only. We will live longer if we understand biophysics of cells and how energies such as Qi can cure cancer and how cell phone radiation, transmission power lines radiation can trigger cancer (dozens of books were written by PhDs on EMF pollution and how it causes a lot of health problems).   The CNN clip has some good points: use speaker mode or a hollow tube wired piece to minimize radiation ► Radiation from Cell Phones may cause cancer (CNN News) ** MUST SEE **. World Health Organization said cell phone radiation may cause cancer ► Do mobile phones cause cancer?.  Many neurosurgeons are worried ► Mobile Phones Cause Cancer - 60 Minutes PART1/2 Australia Segment Must See! Part 1/2

60 Hz EMF can cause DNA breakage, thus cancer ► The genotoxic effects (on human fibroblasts) of 2 GHz mobile phone radiation are well-known ►  We need to improve radio-TV-cell tower technologies to make them biocompatible; has products that reduce harmful effects of EMF. The beauty is that the present EMF can be changed to make us live much longer than we did before using it. This needs physicists, chemists, biologists, engineers, doctors working together. ♥

Science found qi energy has IR Waves (heat). In EU doctors used IR therapy to heal♥ for 80 years ►  In the March 2013 PLOS ONE paper ►, scientists proved, via gtummo meditation, the mind can heat the body.  Harvard did a similar study ► See Qi & cancer paper ►  Yogis used gtummo for eons to heat & live longer:).  

See also these 4 videos:

1.  3 min - guy sets paper on fire with Qi ► Electric Eel Man

2.  2 min video on Qi power moving bricks remotely ►  Man in China moves objects with CHI/KI energy

3.  9 min clip on an amazing Shaolin monk Qi feats ► Shaolin Monk harnesses Qi to drill his head?

4.  3 min video on using Qi to cure diseases ► Cancer tumor - QiGong healing. Zhineng Qigong.

Robert Kane, an engineer with Motorola, developed a brain tumor due to his cell phone use. His book "Cellular Telephone, Russian Roulette" (Robert died of cancer, but his book is here: chronicles evidence regarding the toxic biological effects of EMF/RF.  Kane explains (on page 126 of the above pdf) how our exposure guidelines are based on an experiment with rats. The determination was that humans can withstand exposure up to the point where the rats activity declined to 33% of normal...

#qigong   #longevity   #healing   #mindovermatter   #mindoverbody     #emf  

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You know what they say. You’ll never forget your first love … or your first skate.

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How much good can one person do? :)  One man planted 1360 acres alone ► 

Some trees can live for thousands of years.  I guess we have some things to learn from them.  :)  Scientists are studying long lived plants and animals to figure out how we may live longer lives too.  One example of a somewhat studied lifeform is the 'immortal' jellyfish ►

Old Tjikko, a 9,550 year old Norway Spruce, is the oldest known living individual clonal tree, located in Sweden ►  A clonal colony can survive for much longer than an individual tree. A colony of 47,000 quaking aspen trees, covering 106 acres (43 ha) in the Fishlake National Forest of the United States, is considered one of the oldest and largest organisms in the world. The colony has been estimated to be 80,000 years old.

#greenliving   #greenenergy   #persistence   #trees   #longevityscience  

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1 min video on microrobots able to save in the future millions of lives

Worldwide, stroke is the second leading cause of death, responsible for 4.4 million deaths each year.

See also these 3 minirobot videos:
1.  blood vessel microrobot (2 min)  ► Micro robot aids surgery
2.  eye surgery microrobot (2 min) ► Micro-robot Operates Inside Eye
3.  cell repair and eternal youth nanobots  (8 min) ► Futurist Ray Kurzweil - Suzanne Somers Breaking Through .  This has Kurzweil, Google Director of Engineering, talking about physical Immortality.

If you told a Middle Ages man that we will turn (using technology) water and coal into sugar and other things he would think you are crazy.  Same thing happens today, if you tell some people that turning one element into another will be as simple as today is to turn one molecule into another by a chemical reaction, they think you are crazy:).  This is why subatomic physics education, outreach and research is so critical to progress in all fields of science, and all areas of human society.  Element transmutation nanobots will make nutrients for cells directly from air, take back waste chemicals from cells and turn these chemicals into molecules cells need, thus eliminating the need to eat.   Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest geeks of all time, whose inventions are in every home with electricity, predicted one day we would live without eating.  Combined with terraforming barren planets, Living on Nanobot Energy eliminates any worry about agriculture land, food or space.

See also the 7 min video of Ray Kurzweil about his book "Nine steps to Living Well Forever" ► TRANSCEND: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever.    Ray believes that by 2045 humans could attain Immortality.  Two other related articles are the TIME Magazine "2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal" ► and the BBC "Living to 100? What about reaching 1,000 years of age?" ►  

#health #science #nanobots   #microbots     #immortality  
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