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play me some music...

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Playing catchup- A Misty Plum Christmas
So at last I'm sitting by my fireplace, mid February, ice is falling outside and I'm going to try to recall what happen over the holidays. Since November hit, I feel as if my life sped up as fast as possible and I was just holding on for my dear life. We ha...

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Etching A Mark In My Memory.
"Taking time to write and journal is like etching a mark in your memory. It's like carving on the family tree, and it can be compared to solidifying the running water of time." - Me. Journal entry 1.14.14. Sitting down to write almost feels like I'm standin...

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Fall-ing forward.
“My baby is five. She falls asleep in my arms . . . . Her breath is warm on my face, all that is alive and warm and breathing inside of her now, falling upon me, and I can't capture it, hold it, this, her life now, me in this moment. She is leaving me, she'...

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i have decided google + is a #fail but... there is still hope.

hmm.... interesting..... Facebook all over again. Just cleaner. No one poking me. ;)
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