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Only 132 signatures needed I am begging for ABUSED child used as Fathers sex toy I will. 
Luis Alfredo Guillen Evia is an Ecuadorian National that illegally entered this country approx. 15 years ago. That's not the problem. He has been commiting crimes his whole life here. He has been arrested for Endangering the welfare of children, sexual misconduct with children, simple assault, robbery,...
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Yahoo! Hip hip hooray! Scot Walker didn't get to turn great state of WI, into another "Right to work for Republican Master's slaves wages" I'm working on "White House Petition" Told me I only need 150,000 SIGNATURES, "SET SENATOR'S INCOME THEIR MINIMUM WAGES #UAWProud, 30 yts. Know if NOT for UAW, we'd be dying in POVERTY in MISSISSIPPI right now? " Right to work for Master's slaves wages $7.50 hour" We have UAW PENSION. Y'all know PENSION . not "FREE" like 246 (R) SENATORS have me BUY their PENSIONS, and 500 M plus W-2 WORKERS PAYING THEIR FREE FOR LIFE mandated 401K. BS! BS! BS! #FeelTheBern2016 "We the people receive PENSIONS not our GD hired help SENATORS FIRST" Theor asses forgot whom PAYS their PAYCHECKS and PENSIONS and UNAFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE? Whom they work for PAYS every patriotic penny they bank and SPEND? #NoRespect 
MADISON — Dane County Circuit Court Judge William Faust struck down the state’s private-sector “right-to-work” law late today.
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Know how many SCOTUS nominated POTUS last year? YOU don't makes YOU the problem. Need to get these "radicalized Republicans" worst moat did functional REPUBLICANS approval rating of 7%!!! Who ELECTED REPUBLICAN POTUS? No one past 8 years NOT 8 MORE. Trump Cruz Mario sealed deal another 8 years Democrat POTUS. Be it Hillary or Sanders not 47% but 100% WONT BE REPUBLICAN . Last 8 years cam back bite em all in their asses. No one in USA gives a rats ass what Mitch Paul Ryan ALL 246 (R) HATE. WTH attest their defieant asses for treason! 76900
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 Some Sunday night's are harder than others since you've  #surrender 687,738
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I never asked anyone for signature but we're only 130 signatures away go save our precious child. He is abusing her as his punching bag, sleeping in her father's bed. In New Jersey, GOV Chris Christy talks a lot sit on FOX & Fools TV how patriotic he is? How he endorsed TRUMP and "TRUMP wall PAID for by MX" And we can't recover child "Granddaughter and Niece" from illegal in USA, ECUADORIAN, know criminal and ABUSED child now his SEX TOY ? I beg for relief I need YOUR SIGNATURES For CHILD not for me. I beg please sign I only need 135 I feel like idiot begging to save CHILD BEING USED BY FATHER AS SEX TOY? And I'm the "wrong one here'
UPDATE: Only need 163  signatures to go So close yet so far away.   Please sign and one friend sign then RETIREE please. I'm going to get this child back to her deceased mothers family. I will get arrested be worthy cause. This evil man is in NEW JERSEY. I wanted this petition by 5p TODAY. I cant. Soon Im just going to go to NJ, and take her to safety this is INSANITY This is a CHILD! And I'm hurt frustrated  devastated I still need 163 signatures to recover child being molested and abused. please help me for a worthy cause  and save this child. This petition  wanted to turn in today  to state of NJ, Gov Chris Christly. She will have loving home to heal with Mother's family in South Florida. They are grieving loss of daughter. Loss of little sister and her child. Now she is in grave danger everyday all day. After witnessing her Mother's death while on vacation on a cruise ship. Father took child from her Grandmother and her Aunt, This criminal does not deserve to be granted any status to stay in this country.
“We need to be pro active instead of re active. This child shouldn't be in custody of this person, are we going to wait and let irreparable harm take place?” —Miguel Torres
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So very proud of my sister so young standing up to Rick the prick Scott GOV of Fla. Must see. 
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A real American hero has passed.
Horn is survived by 10 of his 11 children, 37 grandchildren, 71 great-grandchildren and 18 great-great-grandchildren.
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My sister got ripped in her divorce! All about MONEY not protecting my sister she's almost 60 yrs old and did NOT have her future or best interest to protect her! Her husband was caught with her best friend. She trusted to protect her as well as future married over 15 yrs. Was considered because were old family friend (mother). Do NOT recommend if female in need of divorce or anything to protect future of women and children.
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Had craving for good ole hamburger. I called in my order and picked up on way home. Was EXCELLENT! So GOOD tasty COMFORTING. Why! I love Dixie Pig long time :)
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