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Copy text from your computer to your phone with QR Codes.
1. Highlight text on your computer.
2. Ctrl+C
3. Press the QR Clipboard button in Chrome. A code will appear.
4. Start the QR Clipboard app on your phone and scan the code.
5. Paste the text wherever you like.

Get the Chrome extension:

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My Chrome extension for copying text to your phone using QR codes is now available on the Chrome Web Store.

So I know the "V" in GTA V is supposed to be coloured using a pattern similar to that found on US currency, but every time I see it I can't help thinking of Vim's logo. The font is different, but the colours themselves are very similar. The "20 years of Vim" and "OMG GTA V" posts I'm seeing a lot of today aren't helping either.

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XOR Fractals - the center of the screen is 0, 0. The colour of a position on the screen is based on the bitwise XOR of its integer coordinates. Move the mouse to adjust the range of values in the "colour band". (Bottom right has lots of colours, top left has few.)

Switching from Arch to Debian (and I thought the world ought to know).
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